Sallie and Christian

How We Met

Christian and I were introduced by a mutual friend senior year of high school. We were actually set up as prom dates, and I honestly didn’t expect our relationship to turn into anything more. Not too long after meeting he asked me to prom in the sweetest way possible. We were driving up to the top of mountain that is known for its view of our hometown and close by Atlanta and Christian started to play “Hey pretty Girl” by Kip Moore. A little bit further up the road he had positioned three signs on the side of the road reading “Prom” “With” “Me?”. He ALSO had made a little heart shaped card that said “Prom? Check Yes or No” with a little box for me to check beside my answer. Of course I said YES. After all of this I still wasn’t convinced to date him. Christian, on the other hand, pursued a relationship with me even after I shot him down (a couple of times). We were going to different colleges in just a few months, and I really didn’t want to start dating someone at such a transitional point in my life. Luckily for me, Christian was dead set on winning me over by the end of the summer. I don’t even think it took half of the summer for him to do just that. I fell so in love with him. He was and is the most caring, hardworking, and humble person I’d ever met. Our first summer together was so special, but it was hard knowing we’d be going to different colleges soon. Turns out that distance and change are no obstacle when you’re in love with your best friend. After that first year of school apart, he transferred to the same school as me, and ever since we have literally been inseparable.

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Image 2 of Sallie and Christian

how they asked

Four had years pass since his ‘promposal’, and I was very impatiently waiting for his actual proposal. I thought I had it all figured out. Saturday night we were planning on visiting his brother in downtown Woodstock (one of my favorite places to go) and I thought he was going to propose there. I spent the day of my anticipated proposal with my mom and sisters, and I thought that Christian was at work all day (he wasn’t). He even had his work make him a fake schedule to show me so I wouldn’t know he was up to anything. The day goes by, and of course I’m anxious all day because I think I’m getting proposed to later that night. After dinner with my family, my sister asked me to go with her to meet someone at a near by park to buy a purse she had seen for sale on Facebook. I didn’t think anything of it because she buys things like that often, and I even initially told her I didn’t want to go since I was so anxious for what I thought was happening later that night. After some convincing, aka my mom telling me I had to go with my sister because she “needed an adult there with her”, my sister drove me to the park which is on Lake Lanier. When we pulled up I saw Christian’s brother in his boat at the dock, and that’s when I knew I was so wrong about the proposal and it was happening sooner and differently than I had anticipated. We got in the boat and drove to an small island in the lake that is mine and Christian’s spot. We love to take our dog there to swim on lake days, and we love building a fire and camping there in the fall. There was a path lined with tiki torches leading up to Christian, “Hey Pretty Girl” was playing in the background, and a huge covered sign was hanging behind him. He told me how much he loved me, and as soon as he got on his knee, our friend, who had been hiding, uncovered the sign and it read “Marry Me? Check Yes or No”. Just like when he asked me to prom 4 years ago.

Image 3 of Sallie and Christian