Salena and Terry

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How We Met

We met online. Like most couples today we were tired of meeting people out in social setting who weren’t worth keeping around. We found each other and we started messaging back and forth. We eventually planned a first date and really the rest is history. The first date was great as we shared a lot of laughs and stories. We found out all the essentials just so we knew the other person wasn’t a weirdo. To this day whenever we talk about that date we can’t help but smile and laugh. It was a good day.

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how they asked

I knew I wanted to do something special, unique and romantic. My (now) fiance Salena is a sucker for the sappy stuff and I wanted the moment to be something that screamed “us” so I had a great idea and a plan that I knew she would love. I decided to make a movie that told “our story”. For other special dates and holidays I have made small picture slideshows with pics of us along with background music and commentary that she really liked, so for the proposal I planned to do something similar but on a much larger scale. So here’s what I did. First I rented out a small theater by us where I would have her meet me to show her the movie. I’ll get back to this in a little bit. For the actual proposal movie, I took clips from all her favorite movies and tv show couples. I had those clips tell our story and each clip was set up by my own personal commentary and had pictures of us mixed in there too. The movie is super cheesy but it’s perfect. Once I had the movie all edited I had to put the finishing touches on the entire day.

I decided to propose on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, Salena had plans to get her hair and nails done with her best friend out in the Suburbs so I knew I would have all day to sweat out the nerves and get everything in order. As she was out I made sure everything worked in the theatre room and mapped out where she would sit and how I would be able to film it all while we were watching. I got a lot of help from her mom and sister for that part as they met me hours before I proposed and they would be hiding in the theatre room to surprise her. I also called some of our closest friends to meet us at or condo to surprise her when we got back. Luckily they were all available and crazy excited to be a part of the day. So I had all our friends meet at a nearby restaurant about an hour or so before Salena got back. They were waiting for my text to let them know to come back to our condo and set everything up there.

While Salena was out with her friend, I made sure to let her best friend know to stall a little so I had all the time I needed. Even her hairdresser was in on the plan. Everything was falling into place, she had no idea what was happening. I did however hint that I was planning something, I text her to go straight to our condo as I had a small gift waiting for her when she got back. She instantly texted me back, “What do you mean? What is going on? I don’t like this?” I thought I blew it, but as she kept asking questions and guessing if it was a pair of shoes or a puppy (she’s crazy if she thinks I’m buying her a puppy), I text her back saying how I felt bad because I should have done something really nice and how it was just something small. The text worked and she went back to being pretty clueless about the situation.

Then came the waiting, everything was set on my end; the friends were waiting nearby, I had everything ready in the theatre room, and I left her a note on our bed with an outfit laid out and told her to meet me in the theatre when she got back. Minutes felt like hours but soon enough she was back home and read the note and text me “what are you doing you idiot?”, which is a perfectly normal response from her. I told her just to come on over and a few minutes later she came to the door and there I was. As she walked in I told her just to relax and I led her into the theatre room. I told her I made this short movie for her to show her how much I cared and just to do something nice after such a stressful week (Salena had been studying months for an exam she was taking for her profession; she took the exam the day before). We sat down and I started the movie. My nerves were pretty insane at the moment but deep down I knew the movie was doing a lot of the work for me. I just had to play it cool, which was easier said than done when I have an engagement ring in my pocket and I didn’t plan at all what I was going to say when I got down on one knee. The movie played on and we laughed and she started crying like a baby at pretty much every scene. All the clips flowed perfectly and I honestly was pretty impressed with what I did, she was loving it.

We came to the end of the movie and I knew my cue was coming up. After the final clip of Jim confessing his love for Pam the clip faded into me on screen, I started off saying a few words but basically ended with this, “this isn’t the end of our story, in fact our next chapter begins today right where you’re sitting, because in this theatre, I’m going to ask you to marry me.” (Nailed it, right?) Once those last words escaped the onscreen version of myself I looked over and she was staring at me dead in the eye, her eyes were flooded with tears and the first thing that came out of her mouth was, “don’t do this”. Not exactly the ideal thing you want to hear when you’re about to ask a girl to spend the rest of your life with, but it could have been worse I’m sure. I knew what she meant by it though, she was super nervous, emotional and in shock all at the same time. I grabbed her hand and helped her stand up.

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She immediately started crying more and I slowly pulled out the ring from my right pocket and got down on bended knee, in hindsight I should have somehow cued “On Bended Knee” by Boys II Men to play in the background because I love that song but when you think about it, it’s kind of a break up song about how a guy messed up and wants the girl back so in further hindsight, that would have been a poor decision. Anyways, as I rest my knee on the ground I opened up the box and gave my speech. I really can’t remember all I said because I could barely talk, she was very emotional, which pretty much got me emotional. I told her how much I loved her, how we’re perfect for each other and asked her to marry me. Then I stared at her as she had her hands over her mouth still processing everything and then finally, you could almost see the thought go to her brain telling herself that this is the part where I say yes. She took her hands away from her mouth and said Yes! I stood up and placed the ring on her finger of her trembling left hand. I grabbed her face and kissed her for the first time as fiancé and fiancé. Also during this time I text our friends who were waiting back in our condo to make sure everyone was there and they were all set up. They gave me the green light and we walked back hand in hand going over everything throughout the day. Salena also kept staring at the ring, clearly I did a good job.

We approached our front door and I stepped in first, Salena was talking to her mom as she walked in not even thinking there would be another surprise but as she came in our friends popped out and surprised her. Another surprise on this perfect day and of course, more crying from Salena.

The rest of day and night was made of celebrating the day with our close friends and family. We took so many pictures with everyone and of course, had to find the perfect picture to post to social media to let the world know we were engaged. For this picture, Salena kept thinking of how we should do it and couldn’t make up her mind. I grabbed her phone and told her to hold up her hand and I took the picture. She loved it, I loved it, it went to Instagram and Facebook and soon the rest of our social circle and social media friends would see the news. And that’s pretty much how it all went down. I hope you enjoyed the story as much as we do telling it. Thanks for listening.

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