Salena and Kelly

How We Met

Kelly and I met while working at Wells Fargo. I was on the teller line the first time I met him, he was inquiring about a job. (He likes to say he only applied there because he saw me.) I told him about going online and after that I honestly never thought I would see him again. A couple months later a new guy shows up for his first day of work and it’s him. It wasn’t while we were at WF that we started dating, but four years later.

how they asked

We were on vacation in New York, we had already been there for a few days, spending time exploring the city and spending time with friends of ours that went to see NY at the same time. We had plans to meet with our friends in Central Park to catch a couple awesome pictures in the gorgeous park. Kel knows how much pictures mean to me, it was in the middle of our photo session Kel got down on one knee and popped the question.

Image 1 of Salena and Kelly

Image 2 of Salena and Kelly

Image 3 of Salena and Kelly

Special Thanks

Jahni Ruedinger
 | Photographer