Sal and Gassan's London Eye Proposal

Our first proper date was in London and, as it was our anniversary, Gassan suggested we head to London for a romantic weekend break before. I had never been on the London Eye so we decided to give it a try…little did I know what he had planned!

We got onto the pod with lots of other tourists and started enjoying the view. It was incredible.

As we neared the top, something strange happened…..You’ll have to watch the video to see what I mean!

London Eye Marriage Proposal_19.43 PMLondon Eye Marriage Proposal_20.11 PM

London Eye Marriage Proposal_20.22 PM

London Eye Marriage Proposal_18.55 PM

London Eye Marriage Proposal_19.17 PM

London Eye Marriage Proposal_20.37 PM

Apparently Gassan had enlisted the help of The Proposers to plan the proposal. The Proposers help plan proposals all over the world, and they were the ones who came up with the idea, booked the singers, put them into rehearsal and create the most amazing proposal ever. I couldn’t have been happier!