Sal and Greg

How We Met

We met online. Before Grindr ;)

How They Asked

Sal: It was sometime around Christmas time. Greg’s mom and stepdad had came over for dinner and drinks at our new apartment. When they left, Greg and I poured each other another glass of wine and began making a list of people we were going to bake cookies for. At that point I had already been carrying the ring in my wallet for about 3 months. I meant to propose twice before then but my plans had been derailed by other life events. Third times the charm tho! As he was sitting there writing the cookie list, I took him by surprise and got down on one knee. Emotions took ahold of me and tears started running down my face as I “popped the question.” He said yes and then we hugged and kissed each other and cried tears of joy. It was one of the happiest moments of my life so far.



Special Thanks

Balboa Park
 | Engagement Shoot Location