Saks Fifth Avenue Window Proposal

Image 1 of Saks Fifth Avenue Window ProposalHow we met: Spencer and I have been together for over a year now! We met in September of 2013 at one of his fraternity parties! It’s actually quite funny– the week before our official meeting, I was at the fraternity house and saw him. I told my friend that he was the cutest one in that frat, and she strutted her way over to point me out to him (total middle school move). I was so embarrassed, I turned around to avoid the awkwardness. He didn’t even look over to see but chuckled and said, “sorry I have a girlfriend”. The following Thursday, my friends and I were back at the house. I was sitting on a couch by the laptop which controlled the music. That same curly haired, brown eyed beauty came over and sat down by me in front of the computer. My friend leaned over and told me that she heard he was recently single. He told me his name and asked what song I wanted to hear. The funny thing is, that’s all he could say. He probably asked me what song I wanted to hear 50 times! He was so nervous, but I thought it was cute. Since then we have been inseparable. He graduated college and left this past September for three months for Navy Officer Candidate School. He did not have a phone for 9 weeks, and I was stuck at college! The only thing we were looking forward to was December. I would be flying out to Rhode Island with his parents to see him graduate, and then he and I were going to New York for 3 days for a mini vacation for ourselves before the Christmas madness. The story continues…..

how they asked: Finally, December came, and finals were not on my mind. On December 10th I flew out to Rhode Island and saw Spencer for the first time in 3 months! Best feeling ever! I watched him graduate, and then we stayed in Rhode Island for awhile to explore. We left the next Monday morning for New York! Spencer and I saw everything–the Empire State Building, Times Square, Ground Zero, etc. We had tickets to see the Rockettes at Radio City on December 16. All day Spencer was freaking out that it was going to rain that night, and I had no idea why! We were planning on ice skating at Rockefeller so I figured that must be the issue. We decide to walk from our hotel to the downtown area. He insisted we get there a little before 4:30 so we could go ice skating. As were we walking, we saw the line for the famous Saks Fifth Avenue holiday window displays! We decided to wait in line, and as we were standing in line, he leaned over and said he heard they were using fairy tales as a theme including Cinderella and Snow White.

I didn’t think anything of that either because just to let you know, I absolutely love fairy tales, princesses, etc. So as we get up to the windows, there were different fairy tales depicted in each window. Written on the window glass would be a phrase starting with “once upon a time….” Once we got to the last window I saw a sign saying “Samantha, we have our own once upon a time, please say yes to our happily ever after.”

I looked over and saw Spencer on his knee, and everyone on that street was cheering and clapping! He was so nervous and shaking that he couldn’t even put the ring on my finger! It was so overwhelming, and to top it all off, the entire Saks Fifth Avenue Public Relations and window display team was there to congratulate us! It was seriously a fairytale! I still to this day do not know how he pulled it off, especially when he was at OCS and did not have a phone!

Credit to Saks Fifth Avenue Director of Public Relations Cara Fratto