Sakina Nadiah and Akeem

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How We Met

Akeem and I met while I was walking my dogs (Miracle and Magic) in the neighborhood, we exchanged Instagram information and started chatting about doing business together. I offered him a yoga session and encouraged him to become plant-based. We continued doing yoga in the parks together and talking about life and spirituality. When COVID 19 shutdowns began to take place across the country, I asked him to leave Los Angeles, CA with my roommate and I.

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Surprisingly he was down to drive to Texas in my Honda with 2 dogs and 2 women. Now that’s a special man! We fell in love driving across the country during a Pandemic! In addition to many gas stations, pee breaks and hotel stops while on the road, we made a stop to see a Prophet that told us our fortune. A few details we both got made it clear our lives were intertwined in a special way together.

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We hiked and meditated at the Sardona Mountains Vortex in Arizona and had the ultimate honeymoon phase of the relationship with no real responsibilities because of the shutdown. Eventually, real life would start and we had to face the test of our bond. I believe that quarantine is a time for everyone to slow down and focus on their healing. Before I met Akeem I was very focused on my inner healing, self-love, and manifesting true love, I have been writing my 4th book about the whole process. Now I have to add a chapter about finding the one. My first impression of him was “he has a big heart and I love his willingness” to try anything. He says he fell in love with my eyes, compassion, nurture and that he felt I was holding him accountable for his soul. We are excited about our life journey and to encourage black love and black healing.

How They Asked

He was very jolly that whole day. I didn’t know why at all. He called me after my dance class and told me to meet him at the address he just texted to me. It was an hour away, but I didn’t complain (usually I would). I just packed an overnight back, grabbed our three dogs, and went there. Some of his friends were there, also very jolly. He, me on. a tour of the house and asked if I ever wanted to live in something like. He brought me into a room and showered me with compliments and words of affirmation, then asked if we could pray.

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We said a prayer for our lives and relationship and I said in the prayer, “Lord you know we both desire to be married, so have your way in our relationship towards marriage and family.” He stood up and said “I will take your prayer as a confirmation. He took my hand and brought me out to the pool area, got on one knee, and asked, “Will you wear this ring?” I yelled, “Akeem what are you asking me specifically.” He then rephrased and asked if I would marry him. I said YES! There was no makeup, no cameras, no other people, just us, bare in our feelings, love, and desire for partnership.

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