Sajni and Amod

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How We Met

Amod and I had been living in the same city for nearly a decade and our paths never crossed until a crisp fall night in November, 2013. Amod had asked me to meet him at a wine bar called Anfora in the West Village for our first date. Anyone that knows me will tell you I am a pretty punctual person, but that night I showed up 45 minutes late! (Amod – 1, Sajni – 0) I was scared Amod may have already left to head home, but when I got there, to my surprise he was patiently waiting for me. We tried to walk into Anfroa but it turned out they were closed for a private event (Amod – 1, Sajni – 1). Amod quickly redeemed himself by finding another great spot nearby! Amod and I laughed the night away, exchanging stories about our lives and common interests (especially our love for tennis, though we vehemently disagree to this day about the best tennis player). Even though it was a work night the hours flew by and our first date turned into a five-hour date! The next day at work I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I reflected on my date. I knew something was different about him. During the next several months Amod diligently pursued me, while I was still making up my mind about him ;). We continued going on dates around NYC and getting to know each other. Our first getaway together was visiting the vineyards in North Fork, Long Island during Memorial Day Weekend, 2014. We ended up having a great weekend and the trip was special to the both of us because we made it official as a couple shortly after. It took Amod 6 months to lock me down! Since that trip Amod and I have gone to North Fork every year as it holds a special place in our hearts. The photo attached is from our first ever trip together in North Fork!

how they asked

Over the next few years Amod and I opened up our lives, friends and families to each other. We even went on some amazing trips to Belize, Cambodia, Thailand and Hawaii! In early 2016, our families met for the first time and hit it off! By then, Amod and I knew we wanted to be together. Amod had told me he was going to propose to me that year, but wouldn’t tell me when or how. We had planned a trip to the Amalfi Coast for July and I was convinced he was going to pop the question then. Boy, was i wrong! On May 8th, 2016 (Mothers Day), Amod took me on the biggest surprise adventure of my life! Knowing that I am a planner, he laid the groundwork a few weeks before by telling me that his boss was hosting a summer party at his house in Long Island. Amod wanted me to come and meet all his colleagues. Being that Amod had started a new job, I believed every word. On the day of the event, Amod hired a car to take us to the “party”.

During the ride I kept asking for the address of the house, who was going to be there, etc. Amod tactfully dodged my questions. An hour into the ride, I noticed we were driving through North Fork. Having celebrated many holiday weekends and birthdays there, I recognized various landmarks and reminisced about our prior trips. Near the end of our car ride, Amod pulled up pictures on his phone to distract me from my surroundings. When the car stopped I realized the area looked very familiar. I couldn’t quite figure out where we were but I knew it wasn’t Amod’s boss’s house. I turned to Amod in confusion and initially refused to step out of the car because I had no idea what was happening. After some gentle coaxing from my fiancé-to-be I got out and recognized the dock leading into the water. It was the same dock where we had taken photos during our first trip together to North Fork (picture above).

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As we walked towards the dock I saw in the distance a beautiful bouquet of roses and a teddy bear Amod had given me in the early stages of our relationship. At that point I knew what was happening and tears started flowing (…for me, not Amod). When I reached the end of the dock I saw the bear holding a white box wrapped in a pink bow. I opened the box to find a View-Master (the red childhood toy that you look into and click through pictures), an inside joke from our first date. I peered into the View-Master and clicked through photos capturing the beginning of our relationship to present day. Each picture had a caption describing the journey of our relationship.

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