Saira and Renato

How We Met

Renato and I met thanks to some of our best friends on Memorial Day 2015. It was a warm, beautiful day and my roommates Amy, Niki and I decided to have a BBQ. Alex, one of Renato’s best friends was invited and brought him along. Renato was standing on the back porch when I came running out the door. I almost ran right by him but I couldn’t help but notice his big arms, bright smile and “Jersey” sunglasses. We introduced ourselves to each other and talked for a bit but it wasn’t love-at-first-sight just yet. Our friends kept trying to get us together but it wasn’t until Renato’s birthday that the sparks really started to fly. It was a moment of confidence for me; on a loud crowded dance floor, I kissed him. Definitely the best kiss ever :). After that, we spent the next few weeks getting to know each other. It was amazing and felt like forever but our connection was evident. I felt like we had known each other forever! On August 8th, 2015 Renato planned the best date I’ve ever been on. He knew how much I loved tigers and the zoo so he told me we were going there on a date! So I got ready and had a blast with him. I was so impatient and just kept hoping he’d ask me to be his girlfriend.

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We left the zoo, still not his girlfriend. He dropped me off at my house and just when I thought the date was over he said change and he’d be back in a few hours for dinner, but wouldn’t tell me where we were going. After spending most of that time picking out the perfect dress with my roommates, he was back. We started driving and finally got to Grand Concourse. I was so excited. I thought he’s finally going to ask me? He didn’t just yet. After dinner he told me he had one more surprise for me, we went back to his place and he told me to close my eyes. When he came back he had a baby tiger stuffed animal in his hands and he asked me if I would be his girlfriend. After all my impatience I was so excited and happy that he finally asked, so excited I was at a lost for words. I nodded my head. And from there our journey began. Every day I’m so thankful for the road that brought us together and for the adventure we get to live with each other. Since that day we’ve been through so much together and our journey is truly unique. I’m so lucky to have found this amazing man and can’t wait to see how the rest of the story will go!

Saira and Renato's Engagement in Station Square Pittsburgh, PA

how they asked

It was just a random day of the week I thought. After working 11a-11p the day before and teaching CPR that morning I thought it was just a normal date. I was tired and asked to move the time, and even the date. Renato insisted. He told me we hadn’t been on a date in so long and we both had finally gotten over the flu. He even reminded me that I had just got these new boots and dress and that I needed to wear them for the date. I asked why for a 2 pm date on a Saturday, he said well maybe we’ll go out after, make it a whole day/night date. Somehow I suspected nothing about the proposal. After putting on that new dress, new boots, and some makeup, we got in the car and started driving. Renato kept the whole date a surprise from me. Me, being as impatient as always kept asking 100 questions hoping he’d spill the beans on where we were going.

We got to Station Square in Pittsburgh and finally got out of the car, still with no idea where we were going I kept asking him a million questions. I even joked to him, “What are you going to propose? Cause if you do I’ll punch you, how about you try again tomorrow”. Despite saying all of that, Renato never budged. We walked down from the parking lot and he leads me past the Texas de Brazil to the walkway to the fountain and the train tracks behind Station Square. At that point, I was still stuck in my head wondering what restaurant we were going to. We continued to walk and I looked to my right as he was on my left. When I looked over my heart started racing and the surprise, excitement, and realization of what was about to happen hit me. When I looked over I saw our parents, my aunt, and my cousin. I looked back at Renato and I knew something was up, I realized something big was about to happen. He insisted I follow him and I heard our families in the background, but I swear I tuned out the world around me and just stared at him.

He had a whole speech prepared and I kept interrupting him, asking is this for real, this is happening? I was so happy excited and surprised. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. All I heard was marry me. I said YES of course! After he stood up he reached into his pocket again and handed me a Ring Pop.

I always joked with him through our relationship, I’ll know it’s a real proposal when you give me a ring pop. It definitely was a real proposal and the best moment so far in my life. I’m so happy to be engaged to my best friend and can’t wait for the next step <3