Sahiba and Prabh

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How We Met

We met in undergrad. I went to Laurier University, and he went to Waterloo and through mutual friends, we met and hit it off right away!

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How They Asked

I had a makeup booking for a while, I met up with my client who is also our friend to get her ready photoshoot she had. She came to pick me up And took me to her dressing room, but when she opened the room I was surprised. There was a pink dress hanging with a note on the table addressed to me and a camera person that came out of nowhere. I was shocked.

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The note written by Prabh said to get ready within 30 minutes and to follow the rose petals (which were not there at the time). I quickly got ready (thank god for the makeup kit I had with me) and followed the rose petals while led me to the rooftop terrace which was so beautifully decorated.

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I stepped onto the red carpet, and there he was waiting on the other side of it looking nervous with flowers in his hand standing beside a sign which said will you marry me, along with Jason Derulo’s song “will you marry me” playing in the back. As I reached the end of the red carpet nervously, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It was magical and I was still in a state of shock for a while and overwhelmed with so many feelings.

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The view was also beautiful as Toronto Downtown is my favorite city, the rooftop had the most amazing view of it. We went inside later to take some pictures and then there was another surprise in another hall inside at the globe and mail center. This room was also beautifully decorated with our pictures around heart-shaped flowers and balloons.

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There was a couch facing a screen, which we sat on and watched a slideshow of our memories over the years and a video of our family and friends congratulating us! It was absolutely beautiful and one of the best days of my life. Prabh put a lot of time and effort into this proposal and I’m very grateful for it. ❤️

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