Saheli and Vijay

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How We Met

About three years ago, Vijay happen to stumble upon my picture on Facebook. Of course, he was slack jawed, and lucky for me, he happened see one of my very few normal profile pictures. He contacted one our mutual friends (who happens to be my best friend) to ask to be set up. At this time, he was in GA for medical school and I was in NY. Vijay and I talked on the phone for a month or two, and finally he came up to NY for a visit. Our first couple dates in NY were amazing and action packed. We went to a pillow fight, rock climbing, pottery painting, Ping-Pong, golfing, and a planetarium. We both quickly realized how much we have in common and felt that this was something worth pursuing. He went back to GA, but those few dates were the first of many more to come.

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how they asked

The only thing I have always told Vijay about gifts, cards, and proposals is that they should always be thoughtful. After three years of hammering this into his brain, he basically turned around and did the most thoughtful, creative, and loving proposal I have ever heard of (I may be a little biased). Instead of the traditional dinner with the surprise proposal, Vijay proposed to me over a 14-hour Royal Quest Scavenger Hunt.

On Saturday May 14, 2016, Vijay woke me up at 7:30 in the morning with a bouquet of my favorite flower, the lily. Following him, my parents, my brother, and Vijay’s twin sister came in with smiles across their faces. Vijay told me that this was not going be any ordinary day and that I had to get up and get ready. He had coordinated with my parents and my friend to have a new dress, shoes, and purse picked out for me. He left. I got ready and there my day started. (I had already shed a few tears by then).

My mom gave me an envelope–inside was a card, a riddle, and an anagram. I solved the riddle, which gave me my first destination, Cosi restaurant, the location of our first date. I then solved the anagram that unscrambled into my friend’s name. Imagine my surprise when my friend called my phone at the exact same time I completed the anagram with her name. I was flabbergasted! How the heck was he doing this?? I went to Cosi and was greeted by a group of my closest friends. This is how the rest of the day went. I was given riddles and anagrams and went to different locations; each had a special meaning in our relationship. These locations included Spin Ping-Pong, La Pain Quotidien, Space Billiards, and Starbucks. At each location there was a group of mine or Vijay’s friends or family members waiting to surprise me! Vijay and I are extremely family orientated and value our friends deeply. His idea to intertwine them into my day was absolutely perfect.

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The final location of my scavenger hunt was Escape the Room NYC. Vijay and I have done about 15 different Escape the Room games, so trust me when I say I LOVE THEM. I joined my brother and Vijay’s sibling at Escape the Room. I took the final key and unlocked the door to escape, there was my stud muffin, Vijay, standing outside with a box in his had.

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Our siblings left the room, and he came inside. Our favorite Bollywood song started playing; I was immediately in tears. Vijay got down on one knee and talked about how great the last three years had been and asked me to marry him. In my croaky, teary voice I quickly said yes and he put the ring on me.

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We then walked over to Forcella restaurant, where our friends and family were waiting to celebrate with us. It felt so amazing to have all these people there to make this day ever more special than it already was.

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Honestly, if you wanted me to, I could write pages describing this proposal. I don’t know where he found the time to write the riddles, to contact my friends and family, to find special locales, and really to plan an entire freaking scavenger hunt. It was so meticulously thought out. It was sentimental. It was romantic. It was more than anything I ever expected.

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