Sage and Dante

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How We Met

When I was 14 and Sage was 12, we met at the local library, where we met every two Saturdays to watch Japanese cartoons and interact with other kids our age. It was mostly just kids who didn’t really get out of the house otherwise, so we got along just fine. From the beginning, Sage was really flirty and open about their feelings for me. However, I didn’t have any self esteem at all, and I turned them down because I thought they could do better. We maintained friendship for 5 years, talking off and on, and in January, we finally made our relationship official.

how they asked

Despite how long it took us to get together, Sage and I had both been in love with each other for nearly the whole time we had known each other. I knew I wanted to ask them to marry me months before the big day. I designed their ring myself, and on the day of our 8 month anniversary I had them meet me back at the library where we first met. I am a barista to help get myself through school, and I write love notes on their cup every time they get drinks. I purchased a plastic reusable cup and wrote another note on it in permanent marker, and handed that to them along with roses. When they read the cup, which said “to my moon, will you make me the happiest man alive?” I got down on one knee and asked them to marry me.

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