Safiya and Rick

How We Met

Rick and I have been dating for over six years. I always expected Rick to propose to me during one of our many vacations, and when it didn’t happen, I became very impatient. Six years is a long time to wait for someone to get down on one knee, but it was definitely worth the wait.

How They Asked

The trip to Killington was booked for a few months now, and it was a trip we looked forward to spending with a bunch of our friends. Rick and I love to go snowboarding, and we couldn’t wait to get out of NYC, shred, hang with our friends, and of course, relax.

I didn’t expect Rick to propose to me during this trip, because I was tired of upsetting myself when it didn’t happen.

It was a clear, cold, sunny day when my life completely changed – or should I say my ring finger gained a new shiny best friend? It was completely normal for Rick to ask me to explore the mountain with him (for the non-boarders out there he asked me to snowboard down different trials on the mountain). Rick’s friend joined us, and a few others stayed behind. We took the gondola up to “Great Northern,” and planned to take a look at the view as Rick kept mentioning how “sick” it was.

I strapped in to board around the bend on the trail and looked back to make sure Rick’s friend knew which way to go.

Rick was already ahead, and I decided to unstrap and walk the rest of the way (because I didn’t gain enough speed and encountered a flat area on the trial). I noticed a large pole, and a photographer standing on the side of the mountain facing the cliff with the breathtaking view of the trees. I didn’t think the photographer was there for me, because as previously mentioned, I stopped getting my hopes up, and didn’t want to upset myself. Therefore, I ignored the photographer (and continued to assume he was taking pictures for Killington’s catalog – not even sure if catalogs still exist LOL).

Rick asked me to place my snowboard next to his, which was about five feet from the photographer. Of course, I said okay, and proceeded to do so. I walked towards Rick and briefly glanced at the phenomenal view. He asked me to look at the view to the right of the mountain, and I did. Two seconds later (or maybe .5 – not quite sure!) I turned around and there he was – on one knee.

It was freezing, but everything felt so warm. I am finally engaged to the love of my life.

Special Thanks

David Carman
 | Photographer