Safiya and Brandon

Image 2 of Safiya and Brandon

How We Met

Brandon and I met the day I moved into college! He actually met my parents first and helped them move my boxes. I didn’t know who he was and then found out later he was my RA! We definitely felt a strong connection from the start. We started dating a year after (which also happened to be the exact day a year earlier that I moved into college).

How They Asked

He designs lighting fixtures and his company has a showroom in New York. We were going to see the tree that day so he told me he made an appointment so that I could see his showroom really quick before we did any Holiday activities.

Image 3 of Safiya and Brandon

We stopped by a building adjacent to the Empire State Building and he led me up to a terrace outside. I was confused about why we were going outside until I saw him drop to one knee. I cried the entire time!

Image 1 of Safiya and Brandon

Image 4 of Safiya and Brandon

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