Sadie and Matthew

How We Met

Matt and I met in a class during his freshman year of college and my sophomore year! He claims that he saw me on the first day and was crushing from that moment on! I, on the other hand, had no clue that he even existed! Five weeks into taking the class, Matt and his friend had a plan on how they were going to finally talk to me… the only problem is, their plan was not smooth at all. The first thing they asked me about was if I liked the Asian food place on campus and if I liked their orange chicken! Haha. After class that day, Matt rushed out into the hallway to find me and he asked for my number and if I wanted to grab a coffee (after that one SUPER AWKWARD interaction!) I’m not really sure what compelled me to say yes, but I am glad I did! Our first date to coffee lasted for three hours and we have been inseparable since that day! We started dating about a month later and have been together two years now!

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This is one of the first photos we took together right when we first began dating.

How They Asked

Over the Fourth of July weekend, I drove out from my hometown in Pennsylvania to spend some time with Matt’s friends and family in Cincinnati, Ohio and Lexington, KY. We had so much fun that weekend just catching up with friends, to spending time with his family on the lake. The weekend had been so busy and full of activity that I was so blind to the fact that we could even fit an engagement into all the hustle and bustle of everything. On the morning of July 6th, I had been told that we were going to have a date day in downtown Cincinnati. We were going to go shopping, have a nice lunch, do some touristy things, and then later in the even go to a Red’s game. That day sounded pretty awesome to me, and again, the busyness of the schedule didn’t seem to have room for an engagement ring!

I was so wrong!

Matt had an entire plan in motion and I knew nothing about it. On that morning when we got to Cincinnati, Matt parked the car across the river in Kentucky and said we had to cross a walking bridge and on the other side was where we could go shopping. I, of course, followed him without knowing the wiser and then we reached the end of the bridge. When we got here, Matt began showing me landmarks of the city and the next thing I knew, I heard him start to read me the letter I wrote him when I told him I loved him. If I am being honest, after he started reading I could feel my body go numb and I began to shake… I knew it was happening! After he read my note, he handed me one of my own to read.

Sadie's Proposal in Cincinnati, Ohio

As I began to read it, the words started blurring together. The only words I could read were at the bottom of the card and they read, “now look at me.” As I looked at my man, he was down on one knee holding up the most beautiful ring I had ever seen! I cannot tell you one thing that he said! All I remember doing was shaking my head ‘yes’ and crying! I am so glad he had people there to catch it on camera because it certainly was all a blur! It was the most detailed and thought out days of my life. I even found out later that he and his friends had done some run-throughs of the plan to make sure the timing was perfect! (Swoon!) I definitely have the best guy in the world and I am so excited to get to marry him soon!

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