Sadie and Matthew

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How We Met

Matt and I met on Bumble but I like to say that we met at our favorite bar, Union Jack’s English Pub, which is where we had our first date and where we officially “met” (in person at least). I knew it was the real thing when 2 months later he came with me to my uncle’s black tie, New Year’ Eve wedding where he met not only my parents and my sister, but my grandparents, 8 aunts and uncles, and all my cousins as well.

How They Asked

Matt and his two best friends, Jeremy and Gabe, have been an inseparable trio for almost 20 years now. Nick and Bonnie, Jeremy’s parents, are therefore like a second set of parents to Matt. They live in a part of Knoxville known as the Old City in a loft that overlooks downtown. Their building used to be a coffee manufacturer for JFG coffee and has a historic and iconic sign on the top, making it a Knoxville landmark. Matt told me that Nick and Bonnie wanted to have us, Jeremy, Gabe, and their wives over for a small hangout since we all hadn’t been together in over a year (Gabe and his wife live in Birmingham, AL four hours away). Matt told me to get dressed up because we’d be taking some group photos. Once we got there I knew something was up because Matt seemed very nervous, was constantly checking his phone, and kept pacing around. Around sunset, he suggested we go up to the roof (Nick and Bonnie’s loft is one of the few in the building with rooftop access) to watch the sunset. We were all hanging out when my best friend Peggy showed up out of the blue and I was truly surprised. It was then that Matt asked if he could say something. He thanked everyone for being there and said “I’ve been wanting to get us all together for a long time….so I could do this”. Then there was a ring and he was on one knee and I was sobbing. Luckily Peggy was recording the whole thing. Also, Matt had arranged for Gabe’s wife Liz, a photographer, to capture the magical moment. Obviously I said yes and we popped the champagne as we called my parents, my sister, and Matt’s parents to tell them the good news.

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Special Thanks

Liz Quistorff
 | Photographer