Sadie and Marcos

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How We Met

Our love story is characterized by places and adventures as Marcos and I love traveling together and went on our very first trip together within a month of dating. The first place our story begins is in a classroom at Texas State University. We met during our master’s program in August 2013. We started out as classmates, but on bus rides after class, we started to grow closer. Even though there were plenty of empty seats, Marcos always made it a point to sit next to me. We always joked that he would propose on the bus, but thankfully he had other plans!

Another significant place in our relationship is Austin, Texas. We both love this city and on weekends in graduate school, I would go there to hang out with Marcos. Our connection developed further after a night of dancing, something that is still a huge part of our relationship today. The next day I convinced Marcos to attend church with me and since then our relationship has been built on the foundation of our shared faith.

We officially started dating on Super Bowl Sunday, February 2, 2014, which was perfect as we both love sports and are super competitive! Over the years we have both adopted each other’s teams as I am from Iowa and am a huge Hawkeyes fan and I now love the Arizona Cardinals and San Antonio Spurs, Marcos’ teams. Sports have remained an important part of our relationship as we both play kickball and have now added a new teammate to our team, our dog Ferentz!

Our first trip together was to Las Vegas, Marcos’ birthplace, with some of our favorite things: good music, sunshine, drinks, and more dancing. We stayed at the Flamingo, something that will come into play later. After graduate school, we decided we wanted to take a bigger adventure together and chose a new place to live in, Tucson, Arizona. Our relationship has been built on trusting each other and fun risks. I had never even been to Arizona but trusted that it was the place that God wanted us to be. We eventually found our community in Tucson and fell in love with the desert lifestyle.

We eventually took a break from dating, but our faith allowed us to reconnect when we ran into each other one day after church. It was our first time back there since breaking up and we just happened to run into each other, despite the large number of people attending! After our half-hour long conversation, I knew that we would end up back together. It was an unexplainable, overwhelming feeling that we later both shared we had felt! Marcos and I would not be betting getting married if it weren’t for God placing us at the right place, at the right time. We are both very open, vulnerable, and honest people and don’t mind sharing this as it is a part of our love story. The breakup genuinely allowed us to appreciate each other more, grow closer, and allowed our relationship to mature. We are blessed to be together today and know 1000% that it is God’s will for us to be together.

Our mutual love for trying new things, sports, music, humor, and traveling has made our relationship so fun and thrilling throughout the years. We make the perfect team.

How They Asked

Our proposal story also started with another place, a surprise trip. It began by Marcos sending me a calendar invite for the trip, which was fitting because Marcos knows I am a planner. It ended up being a perfect new adventure together.

The trip was originally scheduled for February 22, but I got extremely sick with the flu. Thankfully Marcos was able to reschedule all of our reservations and he ended up proposing on Leap Day! This turned out to be so special and memorable for us. God knew what he was doing to make the day perfect.

The surprise led us to Palm Springs at the JW Marriot Desert Springs resort. It was a city that neither of us had ever visited and it was the most beautiful resort I have ever been to. It was perfect! Prior to the proposal, we spent the day doing our shared favorite activities, enjoying drinks by the pool, and relaxing in beautiful, warm weather.

Marcos always knew that he wanted to propose somewhere with all of my favorite elements: traveling, warm weather, palm trees, flamingos (my favorite animal), and beautiful scenery to take lots of photos! During the day as we walked around the resort, I actually had said “Wow this place has everything I love,” not knowing that he had done this on purpose.

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Marcos wanted our proposal to be an intimate moment between the two of us and thankfully that is what I had always hoped for. As a girl growing up instead of always dreaming of my wedding, I always dreamed about how my future husband would propose to me and Marcos blew all of my expectations out of the water. It was beyond anything I could have ever imagined and I feel so blessed for all he planned for our future together.

The spot Marcos chose to propose was right by the water in a beautiful setting with flowers, flamingos, and palm trees. It was a spot that earlier in the day was crowded with guests taking photographs, but by a miracle, it was only the two of us at our sunset proposal. The only other person that was present during our proposal was a photographer that Marcos had hired to capture the moment. Marcos knows how obsessed I am with taking photos and I always had hoped that there would be someone there to photograph the event.

All I knew about the day was that I needed to be ready by 5 PM. As we left our room to go outside I had no idea what was happening but could tell Marcos was very nervous. It was sweet for me to see him this way as he is typically very calm and confident. I had never seen him so vulnerable and it was something I will cherish forever. As Marcos walked me to the most beautiful spot, he stopped and grabbed my hands, and recapped our love story. Tears started streaming down my face as I realized what he was doing. His words about our journey and future together were beautiful.

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After he got down on one knee and I said yes, Marcos said: “and if you look behind you, that photographer is for us!” I had no idea there was someone in the distance capturing our perfect day. Afterward, we took photos together and celebrated our engagement, memories we will have forever!

Marcos’ favorite part of the proposal process was asking for my mom’s blessing because he says it finally felt real and was such a big moment in his life. Since my dad is no longer on this earth, it meant the world to me that he asked for my mom’s permission. Although he never received my dad’s blessing, I have no doubt that my dad would be so excited about the man I am marrying and that the two of them would be best friends.

Shortly after our proposal, the COVID-19 stay at home order was implemented and despite the circumstances, have appreciated this opportunity to spend uninterrupted, quality time together. We are excited to celebrate our marriage by dancing the night away in the middle of the desert with our family and friends on May 14, 2021.

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Special Thanks

Robert Lake
 | Photographer