Sadie and Josh

11666057_10205828568047007_6140948688166244683_nHow We Met: Josh and I met at a Christian conference in Pittsburgh that thousands of college students attend.  I saw him from across the room and thought he was cute, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and started talking to him.

how they asked: Fast forward about two years. I was working at Camp Harmony (my church camp) for a week, teaching the campers choreography for a musical.  My mom also helps out and she told me she needed help with something, so I went with her.  Josh was supposed to come visit, but he had to work.  She told me that Josh really wanted to come, but since he couldn’t, he had given my mom flowers to put at my favorite spot on camp, a hill with three crosses and a small chapel.  So we went up to get the flowers and my mom was taking a picture when I noticed a note.  He professed his love to me in the note, and at the bottom it said “turn around.”  When I turned around after reading the note, he was on one knee and asked! I was so shocked and it was so perfect! He was hiding in the chapel with a friend who videotaped the whole thing!