Sadie and Bryan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Peltzer Farms, Temecula, CA

How We Met

Bryan and I have known each other since kindergarten. We both grew up in San Clemente, CA and went to the same schools up until high school. We both wouldn’t say that we were friends in school (boys were gross at the time) but our senior year of high school we both ended up working part-time at the same office supply store. I’d like to say we instantly hit it off and fell in love, but that wasn’t really the case. At 17, Bryan was hands down the worst person to work with. He would want to stand around and talk which left me with most of the work. We ended up both going to the same community college and having a class together our freshman year. We decided to carpool to school and it was there that we bonded over our mutual love for driving each other nuts. I still have the cat party cd I use to play on the way up to school on my days to drive (the Meow Mix commercial song included). It wasn’t long until we became good friends. We decided that we both wanted more out of our relationship after an awkward encounter at the zoo which included sweaty hand holding and uncomfortable bits of silence (I will spare you those details). We have been each other’s secret keeper, supporter, lover, helping hand, comforter, but most importantly we are best friends.

how they asked

I just want to give you a little context, I am extremely nosy. So nosy in fact that I have guessed presents before I even open them. So surprising me is an extremely hard thing to do and Bryan executed it perfectly. He had a friend send a group text asking all of our friends if we’d want to go check out a winery and pumpkin patch in Temecula. Having a friend initiate the plan really threw me off his trail. It was beautiful. Although Bryan wanted to pop the question right away, I not knowingly wanted to do everything else but go check the place out, so we ate, drank, and finally made our way down to take some photos in the garden area. We were going to take a picture together when he started to pull what then looked like a piece of paper, but was really foam wrapped around the engagement ring. He started proposing while pulling the ring out and I thought he was pranking me (as you know, we love to mess with each other). But hidden behind the foam was the ring and we were engaged right there with a majority of our good friends present. We had been dating for almost 4 1/2 years and I had been patiently waiting (and secretly planning our wedding) for more than 4 years. We value our friendships so much and our friends have all been very actively involved in our relationship since the beginning, so it truly meant even more that our good friends were there to see us take the next step in our journey together.

Proposal Ideas Peltzer Farms, Temecula, CA

Sadie and Bryan's Engagement in Peltzer Farms, Temecula, CA

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