Sadie and Brian

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How We Met

It was a hot summer day somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania, where we both traveled to for a large outsoor volleyball tournament. We met briefly early Saturday morning as fireworks (legit fireworks) went off and were introduced briefly by one of my new friends and partner, Doree. As the day went on, Doree and I ended with a not so stellar performance and stared the after tourney festivities. Brian and his partner, Greg, were rocking and found themselves in the championship game! As I watched, drank beer, and cheered with the rest of the New England crowd, Brian went on to win the tournament! After the match, I went up to Brian to congratulate him with a “You’re my heroooo!” He turned to Greg and said “that Sadie girl just told me I was her hero!” excited, but more full of confusion.

The next few months, back in Boston, it took a beach tournament and some blinds that I couldn’t close for Brian to make a move. The next few years were filled with Patriot games, countless of hours of volleyball, endless laughs, celebrating friends weddings, road trips, day drinking days and LOVE.

3 years has been some of the best of my life and filled with SO many memories were shared. From the first few months of being togetgher I knew he was it! Brian was the person my heart was waiting for! LOVE LOVE LOVE sharing my life with him!

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how they asked

Fast track to a two week bucket list trip to Italy. Brian and I found ourselves wandering one of the most BEAUTIFUL cities in the world, Venice. I had always dreamt of going to Venice and getting lost in the canals, drinking wine aside of the Rialto Bridge, and of course taking a Gondola Ride. Little did I know it would be even more special than I could ever imagined thanks to Brian!

We started the day like any other heading to see some tourist attractions as we made our way to St. Marks Square. After checking out the Square we wandered our way back to the Grand Canal not after grabbing pizza and wine on the way (of course)! As we got back to the Rialto Bridge, Brian suggested we do our Gondola ride. It was suppose to rain later that day and we had forgotten our rain coats back at the hotel, so I wanted us to go get our jackets rather quickly before doing other things we wanted to do that day. Brian insisted it was the perfect time with short lines and sun was still out, so he convinced me. (Later found out that he knew I liked my outfit and knew I would have been mad at him if I were going to have to take pictures after our engagement in another outfit!)

Cruising around the back streets we enjoyed seeing the city from the water. I was in awe taking a million pictures and adding the experience to Instagram stories, I was just so OBSESSED with Venice I couldn’t help myself. I was so on cloud nine that I didn’t even notice how nervous and quiet Brian was. I did not expect a thing. As we turned into the Grand Canal with the Rialto Bridge in the background, I asked Brian to take the “perfect picture” of me in the front of the Gondola with the bridge in the background. After a few seconds go by I turn around asking if he got the picture and Brian was down on one knee! As I say scream “YES” in disbelief we hear cheers from other gondola’s and ferry’s surround us!

After some of the disbelief wore off and later over some more wine. I asked Brian if I could see the “perfect picture” I wanted before he went down on a knee. He responds with a “are you crazy, I was more worried about not dropping the ring in the canal!” I didn’t get my picture, but got a ring instead…I guess I will take it!! We cannot wait to start spending forever together <3

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