Sadee and Dylan

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How We Met

Dylan and I met our first day of 6th grade orientation at the middle school we were both about to start attending (2007). I noticed his smile and gorgeous blue eyes right away. There wasn’t much interaction that day, but lucky enough for me he walked into my social studies class the first day of school and sat down a few seats away from me! Over time we developed a wonderful, but very flirty, friendship. Our friendship consisted of a lot of instant messaging, emails, and occasional visits from Dylan on his bike. We were both very involved in sports and connected right away! We were best friends through 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, but our freshman year of high school right after my 15th birthday, Dylan asked me to be his girlfriend! Dylan had met with my dad and got his permission before asking me to be his girlfriend over a big bag of popcorn at the movie theaters (all our group dates were at the theatre so it was only fitting). We attended all the school dances together, cheered each other on at our sporting events, and graduated together. Dylan and I both ended up attending colleges in Oregon. He went somewhere to play baseball and I went somewhere to play soccer. Although we were both attending schools in Oregon, we were much farther away than the 5 minute trip we had been so use to the past 7 years.

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how they asked

Dylan and I had made plans to go the beach (one of our favorite places) for Easter to meet up with his friends that also weren’t going to go home for Easter. Dylan lives about 45 minutes closer to the beach than I did, but he kept insisting that he would come pick me up instead of me driving to meet him. I gave in and let him come pick me up. He got to my apartment Sunday morning and took me to my favorite coffee stand before heading to the coast. I had my suspicions that he may be proposing this day, but I quickly changed my mind when I saw how normal he was acting. Dylan can’t keep secrets very well, especially when he’s really excited ( HE FOOLED ME).

Our drive to the beach was full of what we call singing and lots of laughs. When we got to the beach I saw his friends car and didn’t really think anything of it since we were suppose to be meeting them there. We got out of Dylan’s truck and took our shoes off as we walked hand in hand down to the sand. We started walking towards the big sand hills at Pacific City (I just assumed he knew where everyone was and was going to meet them) and made our way to the top of the hill. Once we got to the top, I saw our initials sitting at a little spot that was all set up just for us. I looked at Dylan with teary eyes and said “Oh my gosh!”.

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He smiled, grabbed my hand and said ” Come on.” We walked down the hill to this beautiful spot at the beach that our friends had set up for us. Dylan had written a beautiful letter that he had wrote for me – I couldn’t believe this was actually happening the whole time he was reading – He got down on one knee and used my full name when he asked me to marry him. How could I say no?!?!

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