Sachin and Miti

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How We Met

Laundry room! Yes, that’s where our love story really began. Sachin and I both were students at UTA in Arlington, TX. He was a graduate engineering student and I was starting off as an undergraduate biology student. We both had just recently moved into the same apartment complex and our first meeting was running into each other as neighbors in the shared complex laundry room. It was 12 am and while we both waited for our clothes to be done in the dryer, we introduced each other and then got to talking about classes, career aspirations, families and before we realized, it was 4 am and our dryer timers had long been done for over three hours. We had stayed up all night getting to know each other in our first meeting and even after that, I did not want this conversation to ever end. The fact that he was handsome didn’t escape me. But it was his transparent good nature and genuine spirit that instantly captivated my heart. But contrary to what most people expected to happen next, we instead soon became best friends and for the next two years, were always there for each other as life happened around us. When we look back at our college life now, we often discuss how we probably did like each other at some level but never wanted to admit it and take the dating plunge from fear of losing such a good friendship if it didn’t work out.

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But that changed the night after his graduation, two years since we had first met in that laundry room. He texted me if I was free for a movie night at my place. Movie nights weren’t out of the norm for the both of us but who knew this time would be the beginning of the next chapter of our lives. While watching a marathon of our favorite Harry Potter movies, he suddenly turned towards me on the couch and asked me if I wanted to go grab pizza for lunch tomorrow. I said yes without thinking anything of it. Three years of being friends, certain things had become routine for us, one such being eating pizza at the local grill on campus. The next day, during lunch as we waited for our food, he reached for my hand and held it and looked at me. I smiled and all I could think was ABOUT TIME! =) From that moment on, without making any declarations, we knew we were more than friends. He had never been one for big gestures or expressing his feelings in big words (boy was I proven wrong when he proposed in the future). The first time he ever referred to me as his girlfriend was a couple of weeks later at a social event. And just like that, two years of friendship later, we started dating.

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We never discussed the fact that he was moving to the neighboring city for work in a month because we knew without a doubt, distance had nothing on what we shared. We commuted over weekends for the next year while I continued with my classes. A year later, I graduated and luckily scored a job in the same city as him. Soon after, we bought a house together and two weeks after moving in together, he surprised me with our puppy, Truce. By this point, we knew we were meant for each other and I often wondered what our next step would be. Little did I know that he was already planning the beginning of our next chapter together.

how they asked

Fast forward about two years later to Friday, April 14th, 2017. Friday evening, after a hectic work week, as we both lounged on the couch, he asked me to get ready and we’ll go grab dinner. Half an hour later as we left the house, he blindfolded me when I got in the car and when I kept asking, he simply said it was a surprise. He stopped driving after a while, walked me out and then removed the blindfold. I was half expecting to be in the middle of the woods and his idea of a surprise was camping!! But I was so wrong. And if I have ever been surprised in my life, it was nothing compared to this time. We were standing in front of a plane! Yes, a private plane! And there he was, looking a black-tie affair himself!

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Next thing you know, we are in the plane, flying over the skyline of downtown Dallas. About 20 minutes into the aerial tour, as I gazed outside awestruck by the beauty of the city lights, Sach suddenly started pointing at something down below and as I struggled to see where he pointed, I realized no one could miss what he was showing! Below us, in a field, was a huge sign made of lights that said ‘Marry Me’

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I started deliriously sobbing with joy. It finally registered with me what was happening and the only thing I knew was that I never wanted this moment to end. Through the tear-filled blur, I looked at him and there he was, holding a ring and while the pilot and traffic control crew erupted in congratulatory remarks over the telecom, he asked me to be his forever and of course I said yes! In that moment, I can truly say I felt like I was on top of the world and it had little to do with the current flying situation and more to do with the man that sat beside me! As we landed, he helped me down from the plane and said, “hey, can I have the ring for a second, need to take a look.” Confused, I took it off reluctantly and handed it to him and just when I thought this night couldn’t possibly have any more surprises, he got down on one knee and said, “Say yes to me one more time.”

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I laughed and said yes to my lifetime of happiness one more time and then asked him, “why propose again?” To this he replied, “Since that day in the restaurant when I held your hand and you looked at me the way you did, I knew I’d want to get on one knee for this woman one day. I couldn’t do that on the plane so here we are. And also, I know you. If you didn’t get a proper proposal photo, I wouldn’t have heard the end of it for the next 100 years that I plan on spending with you.” We both laughed and with tears of joy in my eyes, in that moment I realized that this man sent to me by God would go to any lengths to ensure my happiness.

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Sach, I am so blown away by every detail of this proposal and cannot even imagine the time and effort it took to make it happen. You pulled on sentiments I didn’t even know I was capable of feeling. It’s impossible to express the joy I felt at the sight of those Marry Me light and again when you got done on one knee. It was something straight out a fairy-tale. I promise you I will without question be the most loyal, supportive, understanding, embracing and loving wife to you and promise to always take care of both our families. Our love for each other is rare and what we’ve been through, both as friends and later as a couple for these last two years has made us stronger and I promise you will never find yourself alone at any point of life. You are my gift from God and I cherish every second we have together now and for the rest of our lives.

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Special Thanks

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 | Photographer
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