Sac-Nicte and Benjamin

How We Met

We first met at our Mixteco Language Congregation. Benjamin was finishing off his year long volunteering period in New York and I was coming from a French Language Congregation, ready to learn new things.

How They Asked

The proposal was amazing! It was exactly a month after we started dating. We’d had dinner with one of my best friends and her family and it had gone really well. Of course, I knew it was going to go well because my Ben is sweet, and loveable, and funny, and adorable, but he was still really nervous. When the dinner was over we walked together towards the car and he took me in his arms and said “I don’t want to jump the gun… but I just feel like you’re the one.” I said I felt the same thing and he very coyly asked what I would say if he asked me to be with him forever, so I said “Ask me.” He said, “Here? I don’t have a ring… do I get on my knees?” I replied, “Ask me.” He said “Will you marry me?” And of course so said “YES!” It was perfect: Spontaneous, PRIVATE, and heartfelt. He really is the perfect man for me.

Special Thanks

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