Sabryna and Brady

Image 1 of Sabryna and BradyLast Wednesday, Brady’s mom Christina took me out to get our nails done and asked me if I would step in as her model for the day and go shoot some pictures around Dallas. She was seriously so good at stalling/ keeping me distracted/ and most importantly keeping this all a surprise. We even stopped into Nordstrom for a little shopping and she bought a new purse, so I was pretty oblivious to the whole thing. We started taking some pictures at this beautiful place in Dallas with tons of fountains, and then asked me if there was anywhere I knew of that would be cool for pictures. I suggested a rooftop that Brady and I discovered last summer when we were exploring around the city that we snuck up to. When we discovered that the entrance was locked, Christina offered up the idea that we go to Reunion Tower where there is amazing view of the city. We got tickets and rode all the way up the elevator- The funny thing is, all day she would say things like “Have you talked to Brady today? He isn’t texting me back,” so the whole time I thought he was in class. When I got outside the elevator and turned the corner, I saw Brady standing there, with red rose petals shaping a heart around him. I got SO nervous. My stomach was swirling with butterflies and I honestly can’t even describe in words what I was feeling at the time. When I walked up to him and gave him a kiss, he was trembling and shaking. With tears in his eyes he grabbed both my hands and told me that he wanted to share the rest of our lives together. As he got on one knee to propose, it really felt like we were the only ones in the room. I didn’t notice everyone else in the building, or any of the pictures being taken around us. It was truly such a special night that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Image 2 of Sabryna and Brady