Sabrina and James

How We Met: James and I met in college. We were both Orientation advisors. We knew something grand was about to happen the moment we linked eyes. It was a few days later, that I decided to message him my number on Facebook (so cliche). He replied and we hit it off.

how they asked: We had planned our spring break trip to Whitefish Montana as soon as we got back from vacationing there over Christmas break. I knew something was surfacing because we had gone to look at engagement rings(which before Christmas he was hesitant to do). Once we arrived, it was like I had this gut feeling he would do it up here, but of course, I’ve been talking about it for months. A few days go by, and we had just been relaxing in the condo, and he says, ” why don’t we go to a nice dinner tomorrow?” My heart sank, and of course I agreed. The next day we got up, and planned that we would go into town around 2pm and look through all the shops, then have an early dinner, come back and have a glass of wine in the hot tub. Well, nothing went right. His razor stopped working which pushed us back an hour, then we missed the bus which pushed us back another hour. He was late on getting dressed while I waited around so impatiently. We finally went to dinner, he didn’t propose…we got back…he didn’t propose. It was 6:45 now, and the sun was almost gone. I figured it wasn’t going to happen. I put on PJ’s, and took my makeup off, and he kept asking if I wanted to go check the hot tub. Of course, I said no because I had eaten way too much and felt nasty, and I was super bummed. While we sat around for a little longer, we made some brownies, and turned on the fireplace.

I said, ” I ate way too much, I might get sick.”

He turned to me and said, ” Would you like to step outside on the porch and get some fresh air?”

I smiled and said, ” I was kidding, I’m not going to actually get sick.”

He didn’t let it go, as I thought he was really worried about me so I followed him outside. He placed his coat around my shoulders, and we stood there awkwardly looking at each other. After a moment, I looked out into the sky, and the city lit up just enough to outline the mountain. The streetlights followed all the way up to our condo, the stars were out, and it was silent. I’ve never noticed how beautiful it was. He reached into the coat I was wearing and pulled out a box, and I filled with emotions. His voice was trembling as I knew he was nervous and he said, ” Sabrina, you’re the love of my life, and I want to spend the rest of mine with you. I love you so much, will you marry me?” He shifted to his knee, and I teared up and smiled and jumped into his arms saying yes!

He carried me in, we sat there in front of the fireplace in each other’s arms soaking in the moment. Then he placed the ring on my finger which hit home run. Although I wasn’t in beautiful clothes, and fancy makeup, the moment was perfect. We spent the rest of the night eating chocolate, watching movies and enjoying the fire.

The next morning, we got dressed up again, and went out to take some photos. I’m still on cloud 9.

Image 1 of Sabrina and James

Image 2 of Sabrina and James

Image 3 of Sabrina and James