Sabrina and Paul

How We Met

A little over 2 1/2 years ago, Paul and I had active online dating profiles set up. A good-looking man, who taught martial arts (which I had done as well) with what seemed like a fun personality appeared on my list…so I messaged him. I took a screen-shot of our first conversation. When I took the picture, it cut out the bottom of the text which said, “I’m Paul, your future dance partner.” However, it saved as “I’m Paul, your future.” I love that kind of stuff. Our wedding will take place the day before Memorial Day, 2016…which happens to be 3 years to the day of when we first met (We didn’t even plan that one).

Our first date (dancing at a fun club since we had spoke about how we both enjoy dancing) started with us sitting and talking for a solid 3 hours before we even got out on the dance floor. We had a great first date and proceeded to have 4-6 hour conversations on the phone nightly.

I learned that life does not go as you planned. I found out that he is 10 years older than me, he had been married, and has 2 young children. All things I had ruled out and considered “deal-breakers” for a long time. I’ve learned to not be closed-minded now because if I had followed my “rule” I would never have met the man I had only dreamt of for years or his kids, who have become so incredibly close to me.

**We ALMOST met a year prior though! – we both were out for Cinco De Mayo at a restaurant and I had walked around to “take a lap” (to see if there were any good-looking guys!) and Paul was with 2 buddies at a table. We saw each other and I wanted to talk to him, but was too afraid to approach him and he didn’t want to come up to a girl who was in the middle of dinner.

***We ALMOST met over 15 years ago. Paul was working at a restaurant, which I was a regular at with my family. At the time, he was dating a girl who was a hostess there, named….Sabrina (my name). He quit his job there and soon after, I started working at the same restaurant as a hostess. He came in to visit his prior colleagues one day, and a waiter said “Hey! There’s a new hostess working here named Sabrina! You would like her, but you can’t date this one…she’s too young for you.” :)

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how they asked

Paul and I planned to go to Carmel, CA after I passed my LCSW exam and I was so excited since it’s our favorite getaway place. So on November 22, 2015 we headed to Carmel! We had the kids that weekend, so Paul said he would take them to his parents’ house for those 2 days. So, I packed their bags up and he took them to Nana and Papas (or so I thought). Little did I know that Paul had been there 10 days prior with my brother (who just so happens to be an amazing wedding videographer/filmmaker and his crew), to scope out the proposal site. We got to the hotel and I got all ready for a fancy dinner. We walked to different shops and while we were in our favorite cheese shop, he left to go to the “bathroom” where he was actually getting mic’d by my brother. From that point on, we were being filmed and recorded! We walked to the beach which was when I noticed that Paul was acting a little weird. Suddenly, he turned to me with tears in his eyes. And then on the beach at sunset, he said “I just love you..from the moment I met you…905 days ago.” The rest was a blur. So, thankfully it is all filmed. All I remember was that there was a lot of jumping up and down (on my part), tears (on both of our parts) and then the kids ran up, family came out and the film squad did as well. It felt like I was in a movie. My fiance made me feel so special and my brother and his team made us feel like movie stars. My baby brother even made the ring box out of a piece of wood! It was all so special and out of a fairytale.

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