Sabrina and Neil

How We Met

Neil and I met through a mutual friend after I had just moved to Ventura, CA, almost three years ago. It was definitely love at first sight for the both of us!

how they asked

Neil took me to go “whale watching” in Malibu, my favorite place in the world. We hiked up to Point Dume and he brought his binoculars out so we could get a closer view. I was looking through them for a while and then he says, “What does that sign say down there?” I look closer with binoculars and see my younger brother (and his gf) holding up a large sign that read, “Sabrina, will you marry me?”


My heart stopped, and I turned to look over at Neil in complete shock as he went down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.


Special Thanks

Henry Young