Sabrina and Kendall

How We Met

My friend from high school kept trying to get me to attend of his house parties when we were freshmen in college, and one night I finally said “fine” and grabbed one of my girlfriends at the time and cruised over. When we got there my friend, John, said that his best friends, Kendall and Brady went to Taco Bell and would be back soon. They got back, and we introduced ourselves. We all went to the same high school previously but ran different social circles. We started drinking (and stuff) and talked and laughed. My girlfriend turned to me and whispered “dude, Kendall has been starring at you all night. I’m going to try and move to the other couch and see if he sits by you.” I thought she was just being over-dramatic so I stood up and went into the kitchen and yelled out for help to find cups that weren’t dirty (college boys and poor cleaning skills)… that’s when Kendall immediately jumped up into the kitchen to volunteer and help me, Woah. I sat back down on the couch and she was right, he sat right next to me. Ahhhh! We hung out for a few more hours and then my girlfriend and I left. When we got home we laughed about the night and at around 2 AM I got a FACEBOOK MESSAGE from Kendall saying how he just got home and how cool it was to have met me and it was fun and we should do it again soon! **squeals** I replied with a “for sure! I’m down to cruise over again!” **ahh cringe** and we proceeded to hang out more and talk more and then we started going on dates and just enjoyed spending time with each other and learning about each other. Actually, a few months into us dating, he admitted that the night he sent the Facebook message he indeed did NOT just get home, he was on his computer staring at the message for an hour rewriting it and debating if he should send it. I thought it was the cutest confession ever.

How They Asked

Wednesdays are usually my day off and I had a pre-appointed schedule to get my nails done that morning (thank god). When I was done, I drove home and saw my fiancé, Kendall’s car there which was weird because he was supposed to be at work. He said “the systems were down at work” so they just sent him home. That’s weird, and extremely unlikely – hint one. We proceeded to get lunch at one of our favorite spots and he was so persistent about me having the most relaxing, fun day together – kinda hint two – HE WAS VERY PERSISTENT. Kendall mentioned that he made a dinner reservation for us in DTLA – hint three – he hates driving to LA on weekdays, and especially weekdays IN THE PEAK OF TRAFFIC for dinner. That’s when I knew, glammed myself out with fake eyelashes, and braced myself the rest of the night. We had a beautiful, yummy dinner in DTLA and I knew it wasn’t going to happen there because he always knew I didn’t want it to happen at a restaurant.

Proposal Ideas Enchanted Lights at Descanso Garden in LA

After dinner, he said he planned an activity for us and didn’t say where we were going. When we pulled up to Descanso Gardens, my stomach had so many butterflies because I knew THIS WAS IT!!! Descanso Gardens was very special to us, but I never imagined he would’ve thought to propose there – I was impressed. We walked through all the light displays as I wondered which one he was going to do it at. More and more excitement built up as we passed through each one. Some of them were SO full with people that I panicked because I didn’t want people staring, but he took us to a secluded, beautiful area for us to just be alone, plopped down on one knee and gave me his speech of love and asked me to marry him. At that moment, a huge flash of light came from the side and I realized my girlfriend, Rachel, was hiding in the bushes snapping photos! It was so cold outside that my hands were shaking when he was putting the ring on my finger. He said when he got down on one knee he felt like he stuck his knee in an ice bath. It was “California freezing” outside, but we were so blissed out it didn’t matter. I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful, thought-out proposal.

Sabrina's Proposal in Enchanted Lights at Descanso Garden in LA

Special Thanks

Rachel Wise
 | Photographer