Sabrina and Justin

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How We Met

My now husband, Justin, is my high school sweetheart. We grew up in the same area, going to the same schools from 7th grade to senior year and had no idea each other existed until our sophomore year of high school! Our love grew fast. Although we were young, we knew we found our forever in each other the moment he asked me to be his girlfriend. College years were a little tough. We found ourselves needing to grow individually before joining our lives forever. Justin moved 6 hours away to pursue his degree in criminal justice, and I stayed behind to complete my studies at a community college near home. Luckily, we found our way back to each other not long after and we’ve been inseparable ever since❤️

how they asked

My parents had a HUGE vow renewal planned for their 25th anniversary. My dad purchased an upgraded ring for my mom and they booked a well known, pricey venue. They didn’t get the big glamorous wedding the first time around, so they weren’t settling this time. Justin, my mom, and my sister had planned something a little extra for that day as well! As my mom turned to throw her bouquet, she instead handed it to me. I was shocked. I had seen videos on Facebook of women being proposed to this way, but I never thought in a million years that my amazing Justin would be behind me on one knee. As my mom spun me around, I sobbed. I knew. This was the day that changed my life forever. ❤️

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