Sabrina and Josh

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how we met

The way Josh and I met is one of my favorite parts of our story. To understand the full story, you need to know that Josh and I both work in the wedding industry. He is a wedding videographer and I am a wedding photographer. And just as you expect, we met at a wedding. My best friend was getting married on May 9th. She and her husband are also wedding videographers and they knew Josh from previously working together. They hired Josh for their wedding where I was the maid of honor. 2 days before their wedding, the groom told Josh about a single bridesmaid who was also wedding photographer (that was me). Josh immediately went home and looked me up on Facebook and knew something could come out of this.

Then came their wedding day. I had heard about the good looking, sweet videographer and I was nervous to meet him. When we first met, he was in work mode and I thought that there was no way he was interested in me. But the truth was he was nervous and just wanted to focus on the job at hand. But throughout the day I noticed little glances and smiles here and there. We left the wedding day both interested but too shy to make a move. But I couldn’t get him out of my mind. 2 weeks later I just so happened to need an assistant at a wedding and Josh came to mind. He moved his schedule around and agreed to help shoot the wedding.

Sparks were flying throughout the entire day and from that day forward we were inseparable. It is so special that my best friends had such a part in us meeting because they had been praying for years that right guy would come along for me. We laugh because weddings have now become such a central part of our lives. Everybody says we are a match made in heaven because our careers just fit together. That is true yet there are so many other reasons we fit together and we are so thankful to be in each other’s lives.

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how they asked

During the month of December, I had the feeling that the time was coming that Josh was going to propose. We had talks of marriage we both knew we wanted it to happen but didn’t know when. I couldn’t contain my excitement and on a few occasions, I convinced myself it was going to happen and it didn’t. In reality, Josh had to be very secretive in any planning he was doing. My best friend had called Josh one day to just pick his brain on when he might propose. Josh told her he wanted it to happen soon and they began to plan.They brainstormed together and the perfect plan fell into place. My Mom and Dad were going to be moving from my childhood home and it was a huge change for everyone. My 2 brothers live out of state and I rarely get to see them and this was going to be our last family Christmas in that house. Of course I had hoped that we would be engaged before Christmas to celebrate while my brothers were there, but Josh convinced me that it wasn’t going to happen and to just enjoy Christmas. Little did I know that behind my back Josh was having secret meetings with my roommates and best friend. They all were in on it but yet kept it from me and they did a good job of throwing me off.

The special day had come, and I had no idea what was about to come. It was the morning after Christmas when Josh took me out to breakfast. I thought that was the beginning of a lazy relaxing day. We ate our breakfast and then headed out to my parents house to celebrate a belated Christmas. There were a few moments I noticed Josh texting more than normal but I didn’t think anything of it. Then on our way to my parents, Josh started to get really weird. He was so nervous and I could see that and kept asking what was wrong. He convinced me that it was that he was just nervous about seeing my brothers after so long, and I totally fell for it. As a joke I put on meditation/deep breathing tapes because I thought it was ridiculous for him to be so nervous about my family. We pulled up to my parents house and sat on the couch chatting.

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About 5 minutes later, Josh goes off to grab something and asks me to come with him.He brought me downstairs and blindfolded me. I thought that I still had one more Christmas present and that he was getting me the dog we had talked about getting. He then ushered me out the backyard to the barn. He took off the blindfold and asked me to open the barn door.

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The second I opened it, I saw lights all over and pictures everywhere. I was in total shock and couldn’t believe what was happening. He had coordinated with my friends and they decorated the barn to be a magical spot for our proposal.

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He walked me down the lit aisle and then got down on one knee asking if we could spend our lives making memories together. My best friends were filming the whole thing and my roommates were hiding in one of the horse stalls.

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After he put the ring on my finger, he showed me a video. He had filmed all of the moments in the weeks leading up the proposal. Every lie, every story, and every move that went into keeping it a surprise. It was amazing to see how much work everyone did!

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After spending a few moments together, he took me back inside. I expected to just see my brothers and family but when I walked up the stairs, everybody was there! His family, my family, and all of our friends were there to celebrate us. It was incredible and so special to have so many people there. It was a dream proposal and holds such a special place in my heart. It was so sentimental and full of thoughtful touches and Josh planned everything perfectly!

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