Sabrina and Jon


How We Met

We originally met in high school back in 2005. We had Spanish class together but it never went any further than just being classmates. Fast forward to 2012 when we reconnected and love bloomed! We started off talking and slowly went on more and more dates.

After spending an entire summer together Jon decided to officially make me his girlfriend on 10, 21, 2012. We have accomplished a lot since we started dating from starting our careers, purchasing a home together, becoming dog owners and now a newly engaged couple! We are so excited that we found true love and we can’t wait to see what our future has to hold!

how they asked

Jon and I had been planning on taking holiday pictures for a few weeks. We decided to take pictures at Cuba Marsh Forest Preserve in Barrington, IL. Our new puppy, Belle, tagged along, after all these were our “family photos.”

After about 40 minutes of posing, smiling and walking to different scenic views Jon decided to change Belle’s collar. He thought the collar would “look nice for our photos.” I didn’t think twice of anything I just kept smiling for the camera.

After about 10 minutes of more photos being taken Jon told me to look at the dog collar since I wasn’t taking it upon myself to look. I immediately started crying after I read “Will You Marry My Daddy.” I can’t remember what happened after that because I blacked out due to shock. All I remember is reading the collar, crying and seeing my fiancé with a beautiful ring and huge smile on his face.


After he popped the big question we celebrated with a champagne picnic in the forest preserve and of course…..more photos.


Our family photos turned into a mini engagement photo session and yes…..


The popular photo of him proposing!