Sabrina and Gull

Proposal Ideas Maui, Hawaii

How We Met

Gull and I both grew up in towns that were next door to each other. I met him out and about at the bars years before we became romantic. We followed each other on all social media, had few friends in common, and rarely interacted.

Sabrina and Gull's Engagement in Maui, Hawaii

One day I was with my best friend Jess and we were having a silly girls night at her house. We were having so much fun laughing, sharing stories, and drinking wine. One thing led to another, and we thought it would be hilarious to prank call random people. Gull had just sent me something on Snapchat, so I asked Jess if she had his number. We instantly started calling and leaving him weird messages and texts. When we revealed who we were, we ended up chatting with him on the phone for what seemed like hours. We made plans to all hang out the following weekend and get sushi. My friend Jess slowly started removing herself from our plans, and Gull and I became really good friends who would hang out nonstop and stay talking on FaceTime all night until the next morning.

After about 6 months, Gull finally asked me to be his girlfriend and we moved in together a year later. We now live with our dog, Mia & cat Cosmo and couldn’t be happier!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Maui, Hawaii

how they asked

Gull and I have been talking about getting married since we started being girlfriend and boyfriend. It felt so natural that we would end up together and never doubted that once. But one thing you should know about Gull is that he is the ultimate trickster. After being together for 2 years, I started “pushing” the marriage talk and feeling out when he thought he was going to propose. He always deterred me and told me he wasn’t ready, or that so many of our friends are getting married now so we should wait, or that he doesn’t have the money. He convinced me that it wasn’t happening anytime soon and not to get my hopes up.

We both love to travel and have been fortunate enough to go on a lot of wonderful trips together. So when he was extremely anxious & pushy to go to Hawaii, I didn’t think anything of it. I also was not suspicious that Gull wanted to film the entire trip since he had started making YouTube videos in the recent years and documented most of our life.

When we finally arrived in Maui, he told me that he has always wanted to do a helicopter ride over Hawaii and that we should book it. I wasn’t too excited about this idea since I am scared of heights and not very trustful in a helicopter. But he convinced me, and we booked the flight for the very next day. The flight takes you all over Maui, and if the weather allows it, you land at an overlook spot to take in the view. There was a chance the helicopter wouldn’t land though due to the fog that day which I at the time didn’t understand why Gull was so adamant about landing.

We sat right in the front and got a panoramic view of the entire island. The ride was breathtaking and very romantic!!! Our pilot was also very knowledgeable and gave a great tour of Maui. When the pilot confirmed that we were indeed landing, Gull was very excited. We got out and he very quickly asked me to stand so that I am looking out to the view so he could get a good shot of me. He then asked the pilot to hold the camera and get a shot of the both of us. It was at this moment I knew what was happening and started crying uncontrollably before even turning around and seeing him down on one knee. I said yes! But the surprises didn’t end there.

He booked dinner reservations at a delicious sushi restaurant (our favorite) that night. As we arrived, we were guided to our table where we were met with my mom, dad, and sister. They flew from San Francisco to Maui just to surprise me and be part of my special day!

This was truly everything I wanted and more and I am so grateful that Gull planned this all out just for me.

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