Sabrina and Eduardo

How We Met

Eduardo and I met on one of Facebook’s social app back in July 7, 2010. At that time I was so bored doing nothing during my semestral break from university so I thought of chatting with people all over the world. Sadly, most of them were pervs and as soon as I was about to leave the app I received a message proposal from Eduardo saying, “Hola! Will you marry me but you have to wait for me to finish university first”. I thought, “this guy is a bit fresh but at least not like the rest of them” and I sent him a reply. From that day on, we began to talk and see each other on Skype everyday for two years. He was living in Chile and I was living in Australia, so the time deviation was perfect for the both of us. We became very good friends and after some time we were in between friends and a real couple. We never exchanged “I love you” but rather “I chacha you” because we’ve never seen each other in person. After 2 years, we got so desperate to see each other and find out if our feelings is real. Since we didn’t want to sacrifice Eduardo’s job, I made a huge tough decision of going to Chile without my family’s consent. My best friend and my big brother however, were supportive and worried. I booked a flight to stay in Chile for a month in 2012. Eduardo and I shared my air ticket as it was too expensive for me. On May 31, 2012, the day that we’ve been waiting for has finally came and I was so nervous on how I looked because of my 18 hrs flight. I had pimples and didn’t shower and he was there standing on the arrival area looking at me. Smiling. I was terribly shy. I pulled out my hand to shake his but then he grabbed me and hugged me so tight. We were both teary. Felt very happy because after 2 years of talking, there we were… flesh to flesh. It was one of the best decisions I made in my entire life. Although we weren’t officially a couple yet.

He asked me on June 7, 2012 to be his girlfriend.

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how they asked

It was January 4, 2015, a day before we depart to Brazil, Eduardo told me that he wanted to drop by the jetty (near the fish market) in his hometown Coquimbo to take some nice pictures because that place was very significant to us. I agreed because it is where he first said “I Love You” to me and I wanted to have a record of that place meaningful to me. He said his parents will be going to the market and buy some food to bring for his grandparents’ big lunch while his sister will be with us to take pictures. We arrived to the jetty but there were small carnival rides sited but Eduardo managed to bring me to that same spot. He jokingly said, “I may be forgetful but I still know where it is”. And he held my hands and began to say how much he loves me, and to me I found his gestures normal because he always freely expresses himself. Also I thought, he was saying it to make me smile and giggle for the pictures. And then I saw his right hand reaching his side pocket and in my head I was like “what’s happening?”. He pulled a shiny brown jewellry box and I thought maybe it’s just another necklace to replace the old one he bought for me. But he knelt down on his one knee and asked me “Bebe, will you marry me?”. I went blank for a second and I thought that he was joking so I responded “are you serious? really? are you sure?”. He asked me five times before I said my big YES! I burst out into tears and bursting with joy! I turned around and saw his family crying. We all hugged and I never stopped crying until we reached his grandparents’ place.

He confessed to me that it took him 8 months to plan this proposal. He already called my family overseas, his family and friends already knew his plan prior flying to Chile. He said that he was choosing between The Christ in Rio de Janeiro, the Fairytale Castle in Bavaria or our fishy special spot. But when he and his family saw that everytime we passed by the jetty, I get too emotional that triggered him to choose that spot to propose. I was, indeed, very happy and couldn’t think of what better place to propose to me. I love the simplicity as it didn’t undermine the big question.

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Special Thanks

Deddy Wong
 | Photography