Sabrina and Drew

How We Met

We met three years ago at our country’s fair square dance. He spotted me and told a friend of mine that he thought I was cute and wanted my number. My friend than came over to me and introduced me to him. At first, he gave me the wrong number but made sure I had the right one before I left.

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How They Asked

We have a friend who has a plane and offered to take us on a ride. We picked July 23, 2019, to go on this plane ride through our area. I rode to work with my sister that day and she took me to the airport after work where them. We get in the plane and flew out towards our houses. We want to build a house in a field on his family farm. As we flew over it I heard him say “what’s that say in the field”. When I looked he had spelled out “Will you marry me?” In hay bales. Of course, I said.

Special Thanks

Jacob Wilson
 | Planning
Brooke Mitchell
 | Photographer
Chip Higgins
 | Flew the plane