Sabrina and Domenick

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How We Met

I first met Domenick in the 6th grade, when we hung out with group of friends one night and never saw each other again. I was smitten over him even then, and I didn’t even know him too well. It wasn’t until one day in the summer of 8th grade in 2008, when I got home from vacation and my cousin was coming over to say hi, except he didn’t tell me he was bringing a friend over. To my surprise it was Domenick. I never ran up the stairs faster to put a cute outfit on and get some makeup on. I couldn’t believe I was seeing him again. We spent the day joking around, watching movies and laughing like we knew each other our entire lives. From then on we were pretty much inseparable. We like to say that day was “love at second sight” for us. It seamed to be fate that we found each other again before the school year, because ironically we were going to the same high school. For the next four years we spent our days together in the hallways, having our own lunch dates during lunch, holding hands on the train, and Domenick making sure I got home safe from school. Fast forward to prom, being voted high school sweethearts, graduation, college, and countless memories, we survived it all and haven’t looked back.

Loving each other is so easy and effortless with us, we love the same things, we want the same things, and we honestly never fight (except over where to eat and what to watch of course!), and some may say thats a bad thing, but I say its when you truly find your other half. Some people search high and low for the one their supposed to be with, but for me, mine walked into my kitchen 9 years ago.

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how they asked

Domenick and I love going on mini-cations to quaint inn’s all over for the weekend. At the end of the summer, Domenick told me to book a little vacation somewhere for the fall. That was when I booked the coziest inn in Tannersville, NY called Deer Mountain Inn, not knowing I was booking what was going to be one of the best weekends of my life and part of his little plan.

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When driving to the inn, we passed a sign that said “Kaaterskill Falls.”After we checked into the inn, Domenick suggested we go hike the Kaaterskill Falls. After a bunch of steps, we arrived under this beautiful three-tiered waterfall. Naturally, Domenick was setting up his camera on the tripod, which we usually do when we take pictures, so it didn’t seem out of the ordinary.. We took some pictures and thats when he turned to me, smiling from ear to ear and tripped on a rock. I bet you thought that was when I was going to say he got down on one knee. But in our goofy relationship it’d be only right that he trip before asking me. After a good laugh, I saw him reaching into his pocket, still smiling at me like never before, and thats when I knew this was it. He asked me if I’d like to spend the rest of my life with him and continue growing old together. As if he had to ask, I was his from day one.

The best part about our engagement is that the ring was my grandmothers. My grandma told Domenick that she wanted him to ask me with her ring. He was honored that she would give him something so special, but just like our love, its vintage and one of a kind! My grandfather got the ring engraved with “I love you always” 50 years ago, which fit perfectly because were living proof of those words.

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