Sabrina and David

How We Met

David and I met because we started working together and eventually were reporting to the same supervisor. We didn’t hit it off right away though. Eventually circumstances led to us becoming friends and 2.5 years later we are here.

Image 1 of Sabrina and David

how they asked

Christmas is my favorite holiday so I thought nothing of it when our home was packed with friendly and friends. Unknown to me David had notified them all this summer that he would be proposing so if they wanted to be included they had to be there. My dad typically ask David when he’s going to make it official so when he asked on Christmas I paid it no attention. David proceeded to explain how he wanted it to be right with family, friends, music, and our children. One Teddy P song and 2 dozen roses later and we are engaged!!!

Image 2 of Sabrina and David