Sabrina and Dan

How We Met

We ended up on the same kickball team (through an adult’s social sports league) and had an immediate connection. Our league hosts a social after the games each week at a local bar downtown. Dan helped me “train” for an upcoming corn hole tournament the first night we met and we were unstoppable-winning like 5 games in a row. We took a victory lap around the bar after every round and had so much fun. We ended up hanging out together several days in a row and cautiously started dating so as not to upset the delicate balance of our kickball team! I don’t think we’ve spent more than a day apart for the past 2.5 years.

We pretty much had an instant connection,. After our first kickball game, we ended up playing cornhole together and couldn’t be beaten. I had a good feeling about us being good together after that. After that night, I invited her to join our group tailgating at the Orlando City game. After another great time, I decided to ask her out. The rest is pretty much history – we just clicked.

How They Asked

It was surely a surprise to me! Dan was ready to get married very early on in our relationship and I wanted to wait – I just didn’t think I’d have to wait as long as I did! We were discussing moving into a house since we have 2 dogs and lived in a condo downtown. After we found the perfect house, we were on a spending freeze during the closing process to make sure nothing would cause a red flag during our funding process. During that time, I had made a joke to Dan that now he’d have to wait until after our house was finalized unless he had some secret cash laying around to buy a ring.

Little did I know, he had already made prior arrangements and designed a ring, ready to be picked up on the day of our closing as soon as all our paperwork was signed. He had even been sending pictures back and forth to my mom to make sure he found the perfect ring. We finally got the keys and were so excited to head to our new house when Dan told me he had to go in to “work” to help them solve a problem (I was obviously annoyed by this, but had gotten a similar request from my boss and needed to log in to my computer to finish a task). I impatiently waited for him to get back and we finally headed to our house with one of our friends to enjoy our new home. Dan sent me to grab something from the car (which I thought was super rude-he couldn’t go get it himself???) and when I came back in, he was down on one knee with the most beautiful RING POP! Lol, our friend was recording the whole thing and I assumed they were just having a joke since we knew we didn’t have money to be spending since we’d just bought the new house.

After asking if he was serious about 20 times, he called over our dog Tito who had a beautiful diamond engagement ring tied around his neck and it turns out he WAS serious!

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