Sabrina and Benjamin

Sabrina's Proposal in YLCC-Lake Simcoe, Orillia, Ontario

How We Met

Ben and I met at a summer camp where we worked for six summers. I never believed in love at first sight, until I met him at our first staff training session. I’m not sure if it was his blue eyes or ginger beard, but I was hooked. He asked me out in July 2011, on the pier at the waterfront at camp. It was really mushy- he was playing with my claddagh ring and told me it was ‘facing the wrong way’. He turned it out to mean ‘taken’ and that was it.

how they asked

It was New Years Eve day. We had to stop at camp to drop off a bed frame before continuing on to the nearby township to meet all of our camp friends for a two-day NYE celebration that we have every year. There was 2-3feet of snow at camp in most areas, and barely ploughed. Our maintenance man and good friend sent me a message, asking me to take a mounted fish down a building by the water. Ben and I started the kilometre walk, me complaining the whole time and very annoyed due to the snow. We got to the building close to the waterfront, and he asked me keep going to the waterfront. It was less than 200m away but there was so much snow. He just gave me this look and I knew. We walked onto the peer, and in 2 feet of snow he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, in the same spot he asked me to be his girlfriend 5.5 years previous.

Sabrina and Benjamin's Engagement in YLCC-Lake Simcoe, Orillia, Ontario

I was overjoyed- I was laughing and smiling too much to even cry! The best part- our best friend was on the other end of the beach hiding behind a building to get photos- and I never even knew!