Sabrina and Anthony

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How We Met

Anthony and I met while we were in college at Florida International University. We were both in Greek life so it was just a matter of time until we crossed paths. At the time we were both VP’s of our organizations and focused on planning events. During a meeting with my sisters I was given Anthony’s number to reach out. The purpose was to see if his fraternity(Sammy) was interested in hosting an event together to meet my sisters. I texted Anthony a super long message introducing myself in hopes of receiving an enthusiastic response to get to know DPhiE. Instead he replied with ONE word using only THREE letters…”and”. Looking back now I literally laugh out loud but at that moment I was furious. My first impression of Anthony was that he is a disrespectful frat boy and a horrible texter! Why did he reply just ‘and’ after I texted him the most detailed message? An hour later he responded, “Sorry that must have been a mistake! We would love to host a mixer together.”

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After laughing it off with my sisters and one of the girls projecting his Facebook page up on the screen, my first impression suddenly changed to “he’s pretty cute.” We both asked around about each other and continued texting for a few weeks. Anthony finally asked me out on a date but we had to reschedule. I later realized we had rescheduled our first date the same day as DPhiE Crush Party, an annual event where you bring your crush! It was around the corner and I needed a date. I figured I had nothing to loose by asking Anthony to be my date.

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I had a group of girls deliver an anonymous invitation to Crush Party during his chapter meeting. Shortly after he texted me letting me know that he would have to cancel our date again (since he had just been invited to Crush Party with a DPhiE). We went back and forth pretending that he didn’t know I asked him to crush party. Hours later I couldn’t hold it in and I said it was me! He knew all along and accepted my invitation by making it Instagram official(#duh). Fast-forward to Crush Party we spent the night getting to know each other in a causal setting. Anthony was so nervous and I loved every second of it! After the official party we went to a bar down the street with another couple. They spent the first few minutes purposely making out trying to get us to kiss. So we kissed! We ended our night sitting in my car talking for hours about everything — growing up, our families, best friends, goals and dreams. Needless to say we continued dating through college and knew this was something special from the start.

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how they asked

We had never traveled to Europe and started planning a trip to go in November! I’m a huge planner and wanted to prepare a full itinerary for the trip and make as many reservations beforehand. Anthony suggested not making many reservations and keeping our days open for spontaneous moments. I was cool with keepings things open so I just made a wish list on places I wanted to visit during the trip. Months later we were flying to Paris on Thanksgiving Day! I was sooooooo excited! I knew this was going to be the best trip of our lives in the most romantic city ever.

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After a long flight we arrived to Paris in the morning and freshened up at the hotel. We explored the streets and were fascinated by all the markets. We walked into a café for lunch and ordered escargot, croquet monsieur and French fries. Literally the perfect start to an amazing trip. I’m a huge foodie and documented everything we ate on my Instagram food blog, @chefsabs. We probably ate our way through the whole trip! After enjoying the day exploring Paris we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and a show. Throughout the whole day/night I wondered if he was going to pop the question. Anthony wasn’t acting different at all! During dinner we shared a bottle of wine and talked about how we couldn’t believe we were finally in Europe together. We were on cloud nine and it was only day one of our trip. After dinner we walked to a theatre to watch a cabaret show, Crazy Horse. The show was very interesting and a great intro to France! We were exhausted after the show and walked back to the hotel. The Eiffel Tower was glistening and a perfect view during our walk.

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As we were getting ready for bed I asked Anthony what time I should put the alarm on for the next morning. He casually replied,”7 a.m.” I am NOT a morning person and did not take that well! I questioned him why we need to wake up so early after being exhausted from our first day in Paris. He wanted to take advantage of the full day…so he claimed. Then things started getting a little odd. He told me to make sure I looked very pretty in the morning because he had a surprise for me. *heart stops beating* Anthony explained that he entered a giveaway online for a free photoshoot. I definitely thought he was lying but he started convincing me when he pulled out a piece of paper from his suitcase. The paper was a printout of a fake email thread with the photographer letting him know that he won the giveaway. It looked so legit! Mind you we always win giveaways. So there I was setting my alarm for 7 a.m. and trying to plan the perfect outfit.

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I stayed up until 4 a.m. while Anthony was sound asleep thinking about the possibility of getting proposed to in just a few hours. That morning Anthony was still cool as a cucumber and I was pretending to act cool! We got dressed, I did my makeup and walked to the meeting point. We were suppose to meet the photographer at a bridge near the Eiffel Tower but we had no idea what she looked like. We saw a girl with a camera and thought it was her but went to a café to get WiFi to text her. She said she was waiting on the bridge. *cue the nerves* Sasha was so nice and made us feel very comfortable. She explained how the photoshoot would be one hour and she would take us to a few of her favorite places.

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We started the photoshoot and I loved every second! Again, Anthony isn’t showing any nerves! We took pictures by the Eiffel Tower, under a bridge and walked to her favorite spot. It was alongside the Seine River and had the best view of the Eiffel Tower. She told me to take a few pictures alone with my back facing her. I panicked inside and thought Anthony might be down on one knee when I turned around. Sasha asked me to turn around…and he was just yelling “you look great babe!” From that second on I told myself it wasn’t happening. I needed to just enjoy the photoshoot and the trip.

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Anthony joined me again and we continued taking photos. Next thing you know we were standing face to face and Anthony had a grin from ear to ear. Anthony then said, “Babe, do you know how much I love you?” I said yesssssss and started feeling the nerves again. He went down on one knee and took out a bright red box from his pocket. He opened the box and asked me to marry him! I said YES! I grabbed him to gave him the biggest hug and kiss. Seriously the most romantic moment of my life. When I saw the ring I died a little because it was everything I would have ever wished for plus more. We spent another hour going around Paris taking our engagement pictures and celebrated our special moment.

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I couldn’t be more excited to be exploring Paris with my soulmate. We called our families at a small café to break the news! There were lots of smiles, laughs and tears! We enjoyed the rest of our “mini honeymoon” in France and London. Our first time in Europe will always be one to remember! Xo, The Future Mrs. Velazquez

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Special Thanks

Sasha Lannier
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring