Ryndi and Billy

how we met

We met back in 2008 when we both worked at Chili’s Restaurant. At the end of my shift one night (Billy was shift manager) he asked me to restock the ice cream. About 15 minutes later I walked to the freezer to find the surprise of him waiting in there LOL he pulled me in and we had our first kiss! The rest is history :)

how they asked

The proposal was MAGIC. He had been planning a trip to Switzerland for the both of us for MONTHS without me knowing. I found out a few weeks before the trip & was ecstatic. We have some friends in Switzerland and they coordinated everything. When we arrived, we got cleaned up for dinner and immediately headed out to the mountains. We were on top of this mountain with the beautiful Snow Top mountains in the background and overlooking the lake. We had a picnic blanket, a basket of fruit, cheese & crackers, and a bottle of champagne. As I stepped out to soak in the beautiful view – he snuck up behind me with the ring and got down on one knee :) (during his proposal he even mentioned..”if we can get through TSA together.. we can do ANYTHING together!

Special Thanks

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