Rylie and Logan

How They Asked

It was Rylie’s first time to qualify for the Arkansas Cowboys Association state rodeo finals. She was already ecstatic about that—she had no idea that her boyfriend, Logan had planned a proposal! The rodeo announcer said over the loudspeaker that they were drawing the contestants’ names for a raffle. When they called Rylie’s name, she thought she had won $300! She climbed over the fence and walked out onto the arena floor. The rodeo clown came up to her with an envelope and told her to face the camera. They snapped a few pictures, and then he said, “Well Rylie you didn’t win anything, but we might have something else for you,” and when Rylie turned around there was Logan! When he got down on one knee she started jumping up and down with excitement! It was hard to calm down after all of that, but she had to because she had to compete in the barrel racing later that night!

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