Ryenn and Nick

How We Met

Nick and I met when we were 12 but our story goes even beyond that. When our dads were younger they played on the same little league team which was sponsored by Nicks great-grandmas restaurant, “Yarbrough Family Restaurant”. Now I was an odd kid back in middle school as most people are and for some reason one day I found my dad’s old little league jersey and decided to wear it to school. At this point, Nick and I did not know each other let alone our family histories. So when he saw some weirdo chick wearing a purple jersey with his last name on it he was very taken back. When he got home from school that day he asked his dad why I had a jersey with his name on it. His dad then asked if she had a boy’s name….. which yes. Ryenn is a boy’s name.

Nick replied yes. And his dad explained how he knew my dad. As middle school turned into high school Nick and I knew who one another were and maybe shared a handful of conversations throughout the years, but were never friends by any means. Senior signing day we realized we were both headed to Baker University! This is probably the part where you think we fall madly in love and our love story begins…. wrong! We did slowly became friends though and over the next four years and because of Baker being a small university we had many friends in common.

We were both involved with our fraternity and sorority and went to many of the same events. We dated several other people throughout college many of them each other’s friends. So it wasn’t until the end of our junior year when we started to get to really know each other. He asked me to dance at a camp out his fraternity held every year. As we danced under the stars to an old country song it began to rain! We took cover separately and I thought that was that. Until the very last part of the year, he ended up taking care of me and walked me home from the bar and kissed me on the front steps (our first kiss)! A few weeks later I asked him if he wanted to go to a Diamond Rio concert with me. He agreed and we experienced the WORST date of all time.

When he dropped me off I went inside and told my parents that was the worst date ever! So I started dating someone else that summer and we started our senior year of college apart. Fast Forward to March senior year. At this point we are friends (I would joke with my roommate that nick and I only had 5 things we could talk about after those 5 topics were discussed I needed to make an excuse to get out of the conversation)! Nick asks me to a fraternity party as a friend. That night Nick tells me he likes me and that he has for a while. I was shaken, I had a boyfriend for Pete’s sake! What do you do with that kind of information?

I never replied and the months moved on… After graduation and breaking up with my then-boyfriend, I decided to reach out to Nick. Nick was headed to a new job out of state that would have him on the road for the 2 years. I reached out to wish him luck, and once he realized I was single he asked me to come to hang out (the day before he left) I was so excited, I said yes!

Apparently, I was so excited that the excitement turned to nerves and I stood him up….. but somehow he kept talking to me. The texting became phone calls and the phone calls became FaceTimes and the FaceTimes became plane tickets! After several flights and weekend trips, it was winter break! That winter Nick told me he was going to marry me someday! We told one another we loved each other for the first time and a month and a half later we made it official and became boyfriend and girlfriend! 🥰

Another year and a half went by with him on the road. After two years of him traveling, he moved back to Kansas and began to work for our alma mater! 🧡

How They Asked

Because of a month plus quarantine, I decided to move in with Nick on March 23. March 27th was Nicks’s 25th birthday. We were supposed to have a large group of friends come out to our college bar and favorite restaurant for a fun celebration. Because of COVID, we were not able to celebrate. ☹️ Little did I know that if all had gone as planned nick would have proposed that night! As his birthday pasted and weeks followed he began to question his decision to wait until after quarantine.

Listening to me fantasies about getting engaged didn’t help. Lol. And knowing he had a ring hidden in the small room we were sharing was also not ideal. In cahoots with my best friend he decided to go through with his plans on Sunday, April 19th (the start to my birthday week).

We had been going on walks around campus the past few weeks as exercise and a way to get out of the house. As stealthy as he could be got us out the door on our walk and guided us up to campus and walked us to the grape arbor. There is an old legend that whoever you kiss under the grape arbor you will marry them! I always loved the legend and dreamed about getting married under it.

As we walked up with what I have imagined would be a wedding isle Nick began to talk to me and stopped me right under the arbor and told me he had somethings to tell me. At this point, I am getting confused and am truly in denial.

He starts to tell me how grateful he is that I waited for him as he traveled for two years and how much he loved me along with a million other sweet things that I totally blacked out on! Once he got down on one knee I was thinking that if this is a joke it is a really mean one!

And then when he pulled out the ring that’s when I was like oh my goodness this is actually real life!!! WOW!!!! He said I said yes before he even asked me! So I definitely said YES!! and fell to my knees wrapping my arms around his neck! We sat there embraced On our knees until he whispered in my ear and told me to turn around.

Standing behind us was my best friend snapping pictures! I was losing my mind! It was real life!!!! He pulled off the most beautiful and special proposal during quarantine and worldwide crisis no doubt! We FaceTimed our families and friends wishing and hoping we get to all celebrate together real soon! 💕