Ryan and Vee

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We met on facebook. Not in that way. It was a simple matter of me commenting on my friend’s post and then receiving a notification that someone named Ryan had also commented on the same post. When I checked the post on facebook I was intrigued by this person. There wasn’t anything outstanding or different about the profile picture. Just a simple picture of a guy playing a guitar. Looking very focused. So I may have decided to do a little bit of facebook stalking after that. I contacted to my friend to get the insider information about this person of interest. I also happened to “Like” his comment so that he would also receive a notification with my name on it. Well that worked like a charm. With my friend personally asking him if he was currently available and the fact that I “Liked” his comment, he put two and two together and proceeded to check out my facebook as well. There was supposed to be a hangout of friends where we would meet in person but I never made it. After that, time slipped away from me. Fast forward almost two months later, he flashed across my mind in the “whatever happened to that guy” sort of way…but I just kept moving along with life. Not even a couple of days later, my friend messaged me out of the blue asking when I was going to go out with her friend. So after some debate since she wasn’t too interested in playing matchmaker I finally agreed to have her just give him my phone number so that I could take it from there. Little did I know that he was on the other side of this pushing our friend for a set up as well! Not too long after giving the ok to give him my phone number I got a friend request from him and then the communication started. We ended up texting until the next day before we finally said our good byes. We met in person a couple of days later and soon became inseparable.

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how they asked: We started playing in an indie folk band together with a few friends back on my birthday in August. Since then we have played quite a few shows and Ryan had set up a date to play in December. We were going to play an open Mic in Riverside just for fun and to gain some more exposure. Just days before our performance the open mic was cancelled due to a scheduling issue with the theatre. Ryan immediately tried to find another venue to quickly schedule our performance. We were able to play at bar in San Bernardino and have the whole place to ourselves. We had a longer set list than normal which was set to end with a new cover song that we would be performing for the first time. “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. It was to be my singing debut. Well we got through the set list and everyone was enjoying the show. It finally came time to perform home and we were really getting into it. We got to the interlude and Ryan and I made a few funny little quips to each other but then he got serious. Before you know it, he is down on his knee, guitar on his back and ring in his hands. I couldn’t contain myself and was crying so hard that I couldn’t audibly get my “YES!” out. Finally I was able to nod yes and everyone cheered us on! We were supposed to finish the song but I was a complete mess after and he had to finish by himself. I couldn’t think of a more fitting proposal for the two of us.