Taylor and Ryan

How We Met

One day during my second year of high school, I was browsing through friends of friends of friends on MySpace, Circa 2006, and stumbled across Ryan’s profile. I remember texting one of my good friends at the time and telling her, “I just found the guy in going to marry!,” she laughed it off. Feeling uncharacteristically confident, I friend requested him after commenting on one of his photos that he had a great smile (he still does). To my surprise Ryan friended me right away, and messaged me on AOL Instant messenger (AIM). Right away, I was blown away by how genuine and sweet he was, and knew we had an instant connection. After talking for hours and hours in messenger and then on the phone, I learned that we lived in the same town and even had classes together in middle school! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed or run into him before, but he recognized me. He even told me that back in middle school, he recalls seeing me in the hallway and occasionally blocking his locker while I hung out with my friends!

After a few days of constant texting and falling asleep on the phone, we made every effort to spend as much time together as possible. We had become instant best friends. Ryan would ride his beat up dirt bike a few times a week to meet me between Cheerleading practices, just so we could sit behind the school and talk, even if it was just for a few minutes. During one of those “dates”, Ryan told me he loved me. Naturally, I thought he was crazy! We were only 15 and had only known each other for a short time, but somehow I could tell he meant it. Spoiler alert: He did!

how they asked

Fast-forward 10 years, having NEVER broken up, not even once, Ryan has become a huge part of my close-knit family and they adore him. Ryan was even there when my little sister was born! Knowing how important family is to me, Ryan has always gone out of his way to get to know them, attending almost every family gathering over the past 10 years.

One of my favorite family traditions is our Annual Christmas Card Photo Brunch. Every year at the beginning of December, my whole family gets together to take Christmas card photos, drink mimosas and eat delicious homemade brunch dishes. It’s the best! For a decade Ryan and I have taken Christmas themed photos at this event, it’s always amazing to look back at how much we’ve grown over the years, but this year we would be extra special since we were finally going to send out our own Christmas card since we lived on our own. The festivities started off as normal, I sipped a few mimosas, and took dozens of photos with my parents, sisters, cousins, etc. Then it was time for our couples photo shoot!

This year Ryan had the idea of trying to mix things up and take photos in the front of the house near all the festive decorations; I thought it was a great idea. We took a bunch of cheesy festive photos for a couple of minutes, as normal, then Ryan told me he wanted to take one more photo at the top of the stairs. Before I knew it he was leading me up the stairs…

When we got to the top, I turned around to see Ryan down on one knee and the words “Marry Me?” spelled out in huge sparkly red letters on the lawn! Instant tears and a “YES!” came very quickly. I was so surprised!

Shortly after the proposal, our best friends jumped out of the bushes to surprise us, they had captured the whole thing for us! Then my entire family came out to congratulate us and take an awesome group photo. It was the perfect Sunday and made for a very memorable first Christmas card!

Special Thanks

Amy J Short Photography