Stephanie and Ryan

How We Met

A few months before we met, my Friend Andrea and her husband, kept telling me “You Need to meet Ryan!” And I kept putting off meeting him, I wasn’t interested in a relationship, but we got invited to a wedding, and he was there, January 4, 2015 changed my life forever! We got placed at the same table, we talked and danced the entire time at the wedding! A week later we were at my friends house, and he was there, he asked for my number, we started talking, and invited me to a basketball game at MSG, of course I went and canceled my plans just to see him! During the game he asked to kiss me and asked if I would be his girl friend, I said “yes!”

how they asked

On February 13, 2016, my Boyfriend planned a group to go to NYC, it was the coldest day of the year at -0, we took a tour up the Freedom Tower, we got to the top, and just stared at how beautiful NYC is at night, he told me “Steph, I was at the Empire State Building, and when I was there I realized I’m ready to start our next chapter together, Stephanie I’m ready to start the next Chapter of our lives together, (Gets down on One knee) Stephanie would you Marry Me?” Of course I started crying and I said “Yes!” I went up the Freedom Tower as his girl friend and Down as his Fiancé!