Stephanie and Ryan

how we met

A friendship that blossomed… We met at our workplace in 2010 and became colleagues, working on the same team. Our personalities weren’t exactly alike, but somehow, we could relate to each other very well. Through time, we became a couple in mid 2015, and the rest was history!

how they asked

It happened on our trip to the US in December 2016. We love traveling, and have always dreamed of visiting North America. So for an entire year, we planned our first trip to the United States! We were in San Francisco, and it was the fourth day of our 18-day trip. That morning, while we were preparing to head out, Ryan mentioned that he made a dinner reservation at a nice restaurant situated near Baker beach, a perfect spot to admire the sunset. Naturally, for a fancy dinner date, I put in some extra effort while getting ready and chose a nice dress to wear.

While we were walking along the beach and I was busy taking countless pictures of the view, Ryan was frantically finding the perfect spot. Of course, I had no clue… He then said ‘Dear, why don’t you put your phone in your bag?’ I replied, ‘Nah it’s alright, I want to take more pictures!’ Once again, I had no clue that at this very moment, after taking a few more steps, that special-once-in-a lifetime-moment was about to happen. He had one hand in his coat pocket, trying to dig out the ring box. The very next moment, he got down on one knee, opened the ring box and nervously said, ‘Dear, today will be another special date etched in our memory, will you marry me?’

Both of my hands were still holding on to my phone, feeling stunned but pleasantly surprised. I teared-up and said ‘Yes’, while he gently slipped the ring onto my finger. In the midst of wiping away my happy tears and still floating in a sea of joy, he told me to look to my right. Far away, I saw a person, well-equipped with a camera, waving at me. ‘Woah, a photographer!’ I exclaimed while turning back towards Ryan. Another surprise!

He actually made an arrangement with JBJ Pictures a month before our holiday, so that images of the proposal could be captured. We continued with an hour-long engagement session by the beach, capturing the magnificent sight of the Golden Gate Bridge, the lovely sunset, and us!

Special Thanks

JBJ Pictures