Sarah and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I met in Spring of 2015 at a small gathering. We had a brief conversation and went our separate ways. We didn’t see one another again for three months as Ryan went on a road trip across the country and I spent the summer working on a small island off the coast of Georgia.

That summer I never stopped thinking about the man with the kind blue eyes who I met in the Spring. Fall came and a few of my best friends and I moved into what can only be described as the apartment of our dreams. We decided to plan a housewarming house show to celebrate with all of our friends.

I was halfway through playing my small set of love songs when I saw him. There he was. I couldn’t believe he came. I kept playing songs and cracking jokes to try to shake off the butterflies while Ryan stood in the kitchen watching-listening-smiling. After my set was through, I passed things off to another one of my musical friends and made my way through the small gathering to pour myself a glass of red wine. Ryan stopped me.

He showered me with praises and I deflected and stuttered, trying not blurt out the fact that I was completely smitten. The rest of the night felt like a blur. People buzzed around us- singing, dancing, eating, drinking, and laughing, but we didn’t care. We talked for hours- it felt like picking up on a conversation that began years ago, and although we didn’t know it at the time- would continue for the rest of our lives.

how they asked

Summer was a difficult season. Ryan struggled to find a job and I struggled with family troubles. Although we tried not to take it out on one another, inevitably both of us felt the hurt of the other. After weeks of pain and frustration I decided that I needed to fight for us. I surprised him with a special date night which ended at a picnic in Lullwater Nature Preserve.

I gave Ryan a print that I made him with the word “resilient” on it and told him that I believed in him, and that the storm of the Summer was clearing and making way for better days. Ryan says that was when he knew he wanted to marry me. So, fast forward to December 12, 2016. My roommate asked if I could model for her for a shoot she was doing for a local coffee shop. She said she needed some outdoor shots with the product and suggested we go to Lullwater.

I agreed it would be a great place and we loaded up in the car with our wintery cute clothes. When we approached the park, my jaw dropped. Ryan was standing there with a white rose and I knew in that moment that this evening was going to be special. I got out of the car and my friends followed behind.

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Ryan led me down a candle lit path of yellow leaves he had collected from my favorite tree to small clearing underneath hanging white lights. We danced as another one of my best friends played our favorite song.

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He pulled a letter out of his pocket and read it to me while tears streamed down my cheeks.

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Then he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

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I said YES! We both jumped up and down overcome with joy. We then opened a bottle of champagne and raised our glasses to love and one another.

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Ryan took me to a celebratory dinner where we had our first date, and then back to my apartment where there was a surprise engagement party waiting with all of our closest friends and family.

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It was the most magical night that I could have ever asked for or imagined with the most incredible man I have ever met. We are so excited for all of the adventures to come.

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