Rebecca and Ryan

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Los Altos, CA

How We Met

Admittedly, most “we met at a frat party” stories don’t have a very romantic ending. Luckily for us, we met at a fraternity formal – MUCH different! At a cabin in the Wisconsin woods in March 2016, we chatted about school projects and favorite movies, and both made mental notes to cross paths again back on campus. I couldn’t stop thinking about his beautiful blue eyes and subtle nerdiness. I made excuses to come over to the house every weekend. When my living situation fell through for the summer, it just-so-happened that Ryan’s place had extra rooms, and I gladly signed up to live with 7 boys in a fraternity house if it meant more chances to flirt. We went on our first date at Annie’s parlor about a week later, and our conversations shifted from TV and classes to dream travel destinations and life dreams. We fell in love fast, and enjoyed the rest of the summer with friends and few responsibilities. That didn’t last, however, with the following years bringing stressful leadership roles, college graduation, and the transition to adulthood, but we prioritized the “we” and have grown stronger together. I think we both knew right away that together forever was the only option, and we are so excited to begin this new chapter as husband and wife!

How They Asked

The inevitability of spending forever together was determined shortly after our first date at Annie’s Parlour; a cute little milkshake and burger spot on the college campus where we met. We went ring shopping together a year and a half later, and after searching through many styles and settings, we found the one. Perfect guy, check. Perfect ring, check. Convinced he would not be able to catch me off guard with the proposal, I looked for clues around every corner. We departed for a trip to California, my favorite place, visiting my grandma six months later. After a day of golfing, we got all dolled up and ready to go for a nice dinner planned at the country club. We walked into the near-empty dining room and were seated at a table by the windows with a view of the golf course, leather-bound menus placed in front of us, and my (now) fiance got up right away to use the restroom.

Rebecca and Ryan's Engagement in Los Altos, CA

Strange, but I was quickly distracted by how gorgeous the sunset was. I asked my grandma if we could go take pictures, but she insisted we order first. I opened my menu, moved the specials menu insert out of the way, and started browsing. She suggested I look back at the insert, so I picked it up to see Annie’s Diner logo. Spinning around, I see my fiance standing behind me, knowing that he had, in fact, surprised me and this was the moment we had both been waiting for. I couldn’t tell you the details of the next few minutes other than he had a thoughtful and loving speech prepared before getting down on one knee and asking “will you marry me?”. Through tears, I said yes and put on the ring he had been holding onto since the day after we shopped. This customized menu not only had Annie’s logo but a selection of our favorite moments we’ve shared together. He managed to pull off the whole thoughtful surprise with the help of my grandma and the country club staff. Complete with pictures in the beautiful California sunset, the perfect start to our new adventure. The perfect proposal, check!