Olivia and Ryan

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How we met

We met at a Clemson tailgate in October 2009. Ryan Co-Oped for a semester and we didn’t reconnect until Spring 2011. We started dating May 15, 2011 and have been together ever since. After college, I took a job in Greenville, SC and went to grad school. Ryan was transferred to Cincinnati, OH for work and we spent the last 3 years long distance! We try to take a week of vacation and spend together since we lived far apart. This year we planned to go to Kiawah Island, which was always one of our favorite places. It probably is our favorite place now because that is where we ended up getting engaged!

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how they asked

Ryan and I have been together 5 years, so we had talked about getting engaged at some point. Ryan had been dropping hints that he wanted to do it around the holidays. He even took me to a ring shop to start looking four weeks before we planned our vacation to Kiawah. He asked a store employee how long it would take to get a ring ordered and be ready for pick up, and she told us at least 10 weeks. I was unaware that he had met with the employee a few days prior and asked her to tell me that to throw me off track. It worked! I didn’t see the proposal coming at all!

Ryan and I planned a vacation to Kiawah Island. Kiawah is so beautiful and relaxing-it was really the perfect spot for us to spend time together. We spent the day we got engaged relaxing on the beach. Ryan mentioned wanting to grab drinks before our dinner reservation and that he really wanted to walk the beach at dusk. It sounded perfect! We then got ready and headed to The Sanctuary.

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Once we arrived, we ordered some drinks and started walking to the beach. The wind was blowing my dress all over the place and I talked about turning around, but he was really wanting to get down to the water. At the end of the boardwalk I noticed some women reading books on the beach. I even mentioned how relaxing that looked! He agreed and kind of smirked (it makes sense now because they were our wonderful photographers). We kept walking and were chatting about normal stuff when he asked if he could take my drink. He set it down and said “I have a couple of questions for you.” It didn’t really sink in at that moment. He said a lot of sweet things. He said Kiawah was special to us and that he wanted it to be the place where we got engaged.

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He got down on one knee and asked a lot of questions (he snuck in if I would promise to laugh at all his jokes). But the best question was if I would love him forever and be his wife. Of course, I said yes!

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After the proposal, we celebrated with some champagne! I couldn’t believe what had just happened-I was SO shocked! I kept crying and laughing. We started FaceTiming family and friends before we finally went to dinner. The whole night I was on cloud 9! When we got back to Greenville I was even more surprised because Ryan had planned an engagement celebration with our family and friends. I couldn’t believe that he surprised me not once but TWICE. It was definitely the best week of my life!

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Special Thanks

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