Ryan and Nicole

How We Met

They actually met in high school study hall. Nicole was a year older than Ryan, but he continued to try to get her attention in gym class, being the gym class hero he was. After being pleasantly persistent they went out to Starbucks being real classy as a sophomore and junior in high school. They stayed together through most of college but took a little “vacation” from each other for a few years to grow up on their own. They actually ran into each other out at a bar and decided to grab drinks at a later date to catch up. That first “date” catching up was a start to another relationship, moving in together, two dogs and a proposal.

How They Asked

Ryan had been planning for months and Nicole had no idea, so when she realized what was happening, she was in tears, while the families came and surprised us as well! Couldn’t have asked for a better movie script.

Ryan's Proposal in Hoboken, NJ

Ryan and Nicole's Engagement in Hoboken, NJ

Proposal Ideas Hoboken, NJ

Special Thanks

Jill Sahner
 | Photographer